Visits from our grandsons

We also had an evening at our house with our whole family and a bunch of friends…when it was raining hard at one point we had 17 people in our small house..but we did fine!

After our 40th year celebration party where our family was here, our grandson Silas stayed for a few extra days. It was fun to swim and he got to play with nephews of our hosts in the pool too! We also went to a local farmers market, played on the trampoline and a fun place with all kinds of activities. We had fun doing laser tag together for the first time. Silas liked that best! But there were some arcade games and even mini bowling as well. We all went home tired from all of those games. But we were so glad to have Silas join us for those days. We met up with Josh part of the way to their home for him to get Silas so we would both share the drive.

The last day Kara and Ivan came and we had some time with them and Silas. Then Kara and Ivan stayed a few more days. We played on the trampoline, swam and even played in a playhouse that our hosts had for their grandchildren. One evening our hosts took us to a farm where they also sold delicious homemade ice cream. It was a great time and we ended that by a visit with our special friends so they could all see Kara and Ivan too!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Visits from our grandsons”

  1. Denny Lippert Says:

    What a happy bunch!! God Bless!


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