Lancaster county, PA

I was born and raised near this area. This summer we had the privilege to live in the midst of farms and Amish families and beautiful old stone houses and barns. There was a barn we drove by most days that I thought was a beautiful example of the old barns of a this area…most that date back to 1800 and many to 1700 and some even earlier. I love history and had fun enjoying the history of this area again!

We lived where we heard the clip-clop of Amish horses taking their owners to and fro. It was a scenic and peaceful place.

Our last Saturday in Lancaster County, our hosts took us to show us around. They took us to see Zook’s Chicken pot pies, Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn, September Farms, Stoltzfus Meats , through a covered bridge, and an old Roller Mill and even to an Amish horse auction! We had such a fun day and ended our day by eating at Diener’s restaurant. I made a video of the pictures taken all summer that show the beauty of this area.

Please take a few minutes to enjoy the scenery and historic buildings! The last picture is of our host and hostess. Thanks Pam and Lee!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Lancaster county, PA”

  1. Nancy Vance Says:

    such wonderful pictures from Lancaster Co.! Beautiful country and beautiful people. An incredible place to grow up, Jan! Safe travels! With love, Nancy and Dave


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