Our wedding Anniversary

We just celebrated being married 44 years! Wow, some of those years went so fast! It is hard to realize that we have been married that long!

This year, we asked our dear friend Ed, who has been married 72 years to go with us for dinner! His dear wife has been in memory care for 5 years now and for several has not talked. He got news this week that she might not live much longer and was a little bit discouraged. You see he is ready at their ages, both in their 90’s to see her die but she had deteriorated rather quickly in the last month. About 7 weeks ago, Ed broke his hip, so he wasn’t able to visit her three days a week like he has since she was placed in this facility for memory care. He was in the hospital and then rehab in the very facility where his wife is in the other wing, then home to recuperate. At his age, he is amazing!

So our anniversary was in trying to encourage him. He and his wife are strong believers in Christ and are ready for heaven when the time comes. They both have been a great testimony to many people and our family is especially privileged to have known them. Kent met this couple when he was ten years old and Ed was his Sunday School teacher. They weren’t able to have children and sort of adopted us and our family. They visited us over the years in several of our homes and Ed went with our family to Mali, W. Africa on a missions trip. They prayed for us every day, and that means so much! Now we pray for both of them each day too!

So this year our anniversary was really about encouraging a dear friend! He always encourages us!

A pic of us, taken fairly recently

We had a very Happy 44 th Wedding Anniversary!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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3 Responses to “Our wedding Anniversary”

  1. Millie Hilsher Says:

    Congratulations dear friends best wishes for many more

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Michael Beldon Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Great pictures!


  3. don Newkirk Says:

    Sent from my iPad Happy Anniversary dear friends!! Enjoyed you e-mail update so much! Hope you are settled In Ferndale for a time. We are planning to go to Strawberry over Memorial Day weekend, with Gillows, on their new properity, still in Strawberry, where they are building a home to possibly live in when they retire. Jr. and Andrea bought their place there. We plan to be gone most of June, visiting Don’s siblings in Ok., City, Dallas and Denver. We are hoping to travel a few days and go to the Creation Museum and Ark as well. So far our family is good! Melody and Kate graduate from GCU in Dec., kids coming home For graduation. Rachael is back home, did well her first year @ACU, Mike and Jen are good. Enjoy your time there in Wa. How is you mother doing Kent? Our love to you guys, Don and Kathy >


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