Helping dear friends and celebrating Labor Day

Our dear friends Bruce and Melody knew how hard we have worked this summer. So they included us in an invitation for a party at their house for Labor Day. Also Bruce knew that Kent would be a willing and able helper for some projects that he had and needed help with. So we went a few days early and were once again hosted very comfortably in their beautiful guest house used mostly for people in ministry!

They have been working on a pavilion in their backyard and that is done now. It is a beautiful one with the view of Mt Rainier in the background. But Melody has plans to make a Knock garden with evergreen plants.. (I think boxwood, but not certain) and she has four statues to put in that garden. Also she has plans for arbors and that is where Bruce needed some help. So the guys were out there working on these projects and Melody and I got stuff done for the party and also entertained two of their grandsons.

The party for their neighbors and friends and family was great! Bruce is a great musician and is a couple bands. One of the bands played for the party. It was fun to mix and mingle with all of their guests and hear the band. We had a fun day!

The men were not quite finished with their projects, so they went back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and I think got done what Bruce had hoped. Look closely at the picture in the lower right hand corner and you can see Mt Rainer.


Thanks, Bruce and Melody! It was great being with you and to help you again!


jan for the Roaming Reimer’s

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