I am so grateful for my husband

In many ways I am grateful for my husband, but this past week especially for his handyman skills! He was thoroughly cleaning our roof, which needs to be done about once a year. We had been parked under a huge maple tree on his parents farm and we got a lot of sap and then leaves and also rain and mold on the roof. So a thorough cleaning was needed. He took his time to clean it good and in the middle was ill for a few days so it took a bit longer.

I was very glad to have him finish this project as the height made me nervous, but he had no worries!

During the time that he was working on the roof, one morning our toilet flusher broke completely off. He first tried to glue it back but it still broke again, so then the option was to replace the entire thing. Now this is not a toilet that we can buy at Home Depot so, Kent he spent several hours running around town to the RV dealers trying to find an appropriate one. He could not, so that meant ordering online. So Amazon to the rescue and in two days we had it and Kent had it installed a short time! Yeah! Yes, we had to sort of “Jerry rig” it to use it for those two days…but we managed and I was and am very grateful for a proper flushing toilet now!

So for those of you who read this blog and think that living in the road sounds sooo seamless. These kinds of repairs happen all the time. Kent also recently repaired one of our slides as it was out of alignment. Again in a short time, Kent was able to fix it!

That is why I am soo grateful that he has these skills and tools. It makes our life and these little issues a lot less problematic! he is amazing!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

12 Responses to “I am so grateful for my husband”

  1. Bruce Lippy Says:

    He has to be handy and able to even have modified the truck to haul that home. He’s a good man! Bruce Lippy


  2. Kelly McDonald Says:

    I’m so grateful that God has given you the abilities to do these things. Much love to you two!


  3. Galen R Neideigh Says:

    Jan you should have no problem with a broken toilet, remember the old outhouse ?


  4. don Newkirk Says:

    Sent from my iPad Where are you these days? Been thinking about you and wondering where you are? We had a great Christmas time, with all family home, Melody and Kate graduated with BSN In nursing from GCU. Rest of the family good, Rachael is 2nd yr. at ACU. Don and Kathy >


  5. Ralph Eckardt Says:

    Yes, and I remember that as far back as the PCB days when I noticed that Kent would regularly suggest options to problems the class or the major was facing. I remember thinking “Kent and Jan are going to make a good couple”. None of us had any idea God was going to lead you the way that He did. We often realize those blessings as they are in the process of unfolding. God bless you both as you are living out what God drew you to do. Praise Him!


  6. greimfam@onlyinternet.net Says:

    YES! It is great to have a handy Reimer man in the house!!! 😊


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