We bought a place in Phoenix

Yes, we did! We have been looking at places for several weeks and drove around several mobile home communities in the Phoenix area!

We were looking for something to live in for the winter months. We love having the sunshine and warmth in Phoenix these past 13 years in our RV. We love our church family here as well!

So we started looking for a place that could use a little work but not a lot! we were driving around a mobile home park and we had looked at about 20 from the outside and was going to come back to see them inside. We then saw a sign that was posted on a mobile home. It listed a phone number and so Kent called the number.. the guy realized that we were just outside so he was willing to show it to us! I liked it right away. 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and the main area had a vaulted ceiling so it seemed a lot bigger!

Well, we looked at several more, even in the same mobile home park but we kept coming back to this one! One day Kent asked me if I really liked this one… I said yes! He went and offered the guy a bit less than he was asking. He accepted! So we are now proud owners of a 1983 mobile home in the Phoenix area.

Porch on left side and a covered carport on the right side,

Here are some inside pictures. It does need updating but we are grateful everything works for now! Kent has been putting in new windows. That is why I included a picture of a white window! And we are getting ready to paint inside too. Yes, we are plenty busy even while at home. Kent now has a office desk too!

We do still plan to leave in our RV for the Northwest soon. It depends on the coronavirus and some other things. All our plans for traveling to see family along the way have been postponed until fall. We also had cancelled a foreign trip that we were planning. But we are grateful to be alive, healthy and for our new “to us” house!

Finding the blessings! May God give you grace to find blessings along the way!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

12 Responses to “We bought a place in Phoenix”

  1. Kelly McDonald Says:

    How exciting!


  2. Ralph Eckardt Says:

    Great idea to have a place to come back to near your faith family as you anticipate your activities during the rest of the year. You both have never been ones to shy away from work. Blessings to you as you work at making this new house (to you) your home.


  3. Dee Aurand Says:

    Jan, Looks great, I’m happy for you. A perfect place for your retirement years.

    I’m so glad that Sam and I downsized in 2001 and built a new and smaller house.

    I would never be able to take care of a large house now without him.

    Lots to be thankful for even in spite of the C-Virus. We can rejoice in our knowledge that Christ is risen.


    Dee Aurand

    E-Mail: AurandDee@Gmail.Com


  4. Michael Beldon Says:

    Nice, good for you!!!


  5. Michael Beldon Says:

    Nice, good for you!!!


  6. Jan Clements Says:

    Wow, home sweet home. So happy for you. Your next Home will even be more amazing! Jan

    Sent from my iPad


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Right you are, Jan! I thought of you and a not so fun thing that happened to you, which also recently happened to me. I was standing outside and all of a sudden a bird pooped on me… do you remember a ball game to see the Royals and that happening to you? Soo I thought of you!


  7. Berrycom Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! We hope to visit Phoenix next year! We will see you if we do!

    Cindy > >


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