Celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary

Yes, we are celebrating being married 45 years! It sort of feels unreal as that still sounds like our parents and not us! Hah! But it is us! We had a wonderful trip planned for this event but due to Covid 19 it was cancelled.

We are going to be able to go OUT to eat though as we are in a state that just opened it’s restaurants for dine in! So we will still have a small celebration and I will enjoy someone else cooking.

I made several collages of some of the pictures over the years. It is easier than a movie, sooo. Enjoy them!

Jan, for the Roaming Reimers

8 Responses to “Celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. cindy wiens Says:

    Hi again, Jan. Happy 45th Anniversary to you and Kent. What an amazing milestone! Hope your meal out will be a special one. Memorable for sure. This Coronavirus thing has really been something. Here in MO some churches are starting to open up but ours hasn’t yet. Same for KS. I feel we have adjusted to our new reality pretty well.

    Brooke has been teaching remotely from her dining room. It’s a new learning curve for sure. She did just sign her contract for next so she must be considered essential personnel. She’s interested to see what teaching will look like next year. Brynden’s camping season is looking a lot different too. All May retreats and the month of June’s camps are canceled. They’re still waiting to make a decision if July’s camps will happen and whether they will allow counselors to come. Right now they are still under a 2 week quarantine for anyone who flies in. All the camp staff has arrived and they quarantined together at the Lake house but now everyone has moved out to camp.

    We’re planning to retire in 1 1/2 years. (When Dennis turns 70 and I’ll be 69) We wonder if we’ll do much traveling before we’re done. Dennis is finding that he can Zoom pastors to meet with them and it doesn’t require any flights, meals, rental cars, gas, and fighting all the traffic. So it will be interesting to see what will change. Right now he seems to be living on Zoom doing staff meetings, prayer meetings, webinars with our CEO from Cyprus, and another new initiative called “Collaboration for Hope”. Which is a panel discussion with various ministries with similar interests. We even offered a “Coffee Time” with our supporters and people who get our E-NEWS for a chat. I have to say though we won’t do that again. It’s too hard having people from different times in our life get on and want to talk about the people they know etc, which leaves the others waiting for their turn. I guess not all ideas are good ones. But this morning we zoomed with a couple we met in college and it was just them and us and that was a lot of fun catching up.

    How are you enjoying your new place? It sure is a cute place.

    Love, Cindy P.S I couldn’t see the collage of pics, unless you were refering to the video you did of your mom.



    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Ohh Cindy, thank you for both notes here. I didn’t realize my blog for my anniversary was published already.. I do have to add the pictures there. I have spent all day at our RV getting it ready to move on Monday. So now that I am at the mobile I have WiFi.. so will try to fix it. God bless you as you try to figure out retirement.


  2. Michael Beldon Says:

    Happy Anniversary you two!!! Glad you can at least get out and have a nice dinner!


  3. Wayne Gillow Says:

    Congratulations! Wishing you both many more.


  4. Galen R Neideigh Says:

    Congratulations you two!! Thanks for sharing. I remember when?


  5. Bruce and Elsie Lippy Says:

    Congrats! Yes the time has flown. Isn’t the scripture so true when it says to remember the Lord while we are young and our lives are but a breath. The Lord has certainly blessed and provided and used all four of us. His blessings to continue on you Bruce and Elsie Lippy


  6. Denny & Brenda Says:

    Happiest Anniversary Blessings to both of you!
    Denny & Brenda


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