More work at the farm

Well, we thought we had a buyer for the farm as we had earnest money, so we had to get in gear to sell mom’s possessions. She had told us to do it but just in case we called again before the first estate sale and verified. She said yes, sell her things.

So we had a Friday and Saturday sale and the. The following weekend we had a Saturday only sale. Lots of stuff was sold but what was left went to a local thrift store where we and mom have donated to and bought from in the past many years.

Kent’s brother who is still working and couldn’t come because of Covid issues with traveling etc. He arranged to get his old car picked up by a truck hauler. That happened and we saw that car go off to him.

I cleaned the house afterwards as the first sale was actually mostly in the house. Then Kent and brother Ron( who returned to help with the sale etc.) went through pictures and other papers. There are a few items to deal with still from the barn but most is dealt with.

We are very tired and are planning on leaving the farm end of September. Most of the work to prepare for sale is done. We pray that someone who can love this farm as mom and dad and the family have done, will buy it. Lots of good memories here for our family and many others too!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “More work at the farm”

  1. Donna Huswick Says:

    I’ll be praying that prayer for you as well.


  2. Dee Aurand Says:

    What a hugh undertaking it must have been cleaning out a farm house. I just finished doing the same thing at my brothers house.

    He passed away in April and I am the Executor of the estate. No one else left in the family just me. Rick and his family came to help

    me clean out the house and get it ready for sale. It was during the beginning of the Corona Virus when everything was on standstill.

    That made it very difficult for us to get rid of things. I did not sell the contents of the house, I gave things away, had 2 dump trucks

    loaded with stuff to get rid of and waited until the Thrift shop opened to take the saleable items. We worked every day until the end of June.

    I was totally drained. Cindy and the kids did a lot of the work and another granddaughter Lauren helped much of the time. Rick was there

    but unable to do a whole lot because of his condition. I could have not done it without them all I am so grateful for them. Next the car was sold

    in about 2 weeks and when the house was completely cleaned out and cleaned, I bought a For Sale sign and planted it in the front yard .

    Had lots of people to take through the house and within 3 weeks it was Sold. We had settlement on August 25 praise God. I am proud that

    I sold it without a Real Estate firm helping me, I did not like the idea of paying out 6% or 7% percent interest to a Realtor. Thankfully in

    Hershey houses seem to go pretty fast. Wish I could tell you how the Lord worked during that stressful time, but this e-Mail would get too

    long. HE made it all happen in a relatively short time, I am so thankful. Praying things will go well and happen quickly for you as well as it did for me.

    In Christian Love,


    Dee Aurand

    E-Mail: AurandDee@Gmail.Com

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