Visiting our son and family

We recently flew to visit our son and family on the east coast. We had very comfortable fall weather. Afternoons were warm enough to be in short sleeves.

We always ask if they have a project for us to help with. Since this is their first home that they have owned, Josh usually has something in mind! This time he wanted his dad and he to build a small storage shed to fit in their small backyard.

It seemed to go together quickly.

There are always lots of little things to do for me. I painted the floor keep moisture from seeping through and trim boards white… and finally the shed a beautiful red. All the time the guys were doing the harder work.

Here they are having Silas and me to help lift up the front side. Yeah!

After lifting it into place they had to put screws in to hold it. Silas is holding it so grandpa can put the screws in and a clamp.

I also did some trimming of bushes and other things that Teresa wanted. She and I picked up a big bag full of oak leaves as well. They have such a beautiful backyard view of a park that is full of oaks and other trees!

Josh had taken off work for the week but Teresa and Silas still had to do school from home. Teresa sometimes would study late into the early morning hours as she is working on a “mapping of data” project. So she can learn how to make her own research project. This is all for her PhD in Nursing. Her research will explore the ways that art can improve school outcomes for kids that have been exposed to trauma.

Teresa at her “at home” office!

Silas is in high school and it seems his favorite subject now is World History. All done from remote classes from his room with Gibby, their dog laying nearby just waiting for Silas to be done! They are so cute together.

We did have some time to enjoy ourselves playing some games, watching an a few old movies etc. It is always a privilege to be with them and when we can be of help, that is great too!

Silas is the cook most of the time. His mom helps often and she does the grocery shopping. So here he is getting ready to make nachos supreme for dinner.

We went away for a few days and then came back to finish things up. We got a lot done while together! We do try to get a family picture while together as well.

We flew back to our place in Arizona. And we will rest a bit before starting to work on our place again. It is always so good to see our grown children and be able to help them too!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


5 Responses to “Visiting our son and family”

  1. Cindy Berry Says:

    Love that you got a week with your son and family!!! Silas is so grown up! The nap behind Teresa intrigues me. Please tell me how I can duplicate that?


  2. Dee Aurand Says:

    Great to be with family and still able to help with projects.

    Update on Rick’s Cancer condition. He just got out of the hospital again .

    He had Pneumonia again and severe breathing and Lung problems along with

    high blood pressure. It is truly amazing that he is still alive. This has been going on now for about

    13 years at least maybe more. It is only the prayers of Godly people that have kept him alive

    this long. God is in control of our lives and a Nation in turmoil.

    Dee Aurand

    E-Mail: AurandDee@Gmail.Com


  3. cindy wiens Says:

    Hi Jan and Kent, It looks like you had so much fun on your trip to see Josh, Teresa and Silas. I’m sure they appreciated all your help. Isn’t it a blessing to help our kids in whatever way we can. The shed looks great. I’m impressed that Silas does the cooking. That will be a life skill he will enjoy his whole life. It is also a blessing you have such good health to enjoy so you have the strength to work on projects. Someone told me a while back that these years in our 60’s and 70’s are our “Golden Years” because we’re empty nesters and still have our health to travel and volunteer. Later years aren’t usually so golden. I remember Irene telling me “these later years aren’t so golden”! We thank God for each and every day! So keep enjoying your “Golden Years”!

    It was a real joy to go to Alaska to help Brynden when she had surgery on her toe last month. She didn’t think she needed help but Brooke assured her that after surgery when she’s on crutches it will be hard to even make a cup of coffee, let alone get it to the table. I had fun cooking and cleaning for her and even putting up her Christmas decor so she could enjoy it before coming south in Dec.I also filled her freezer with meals so she wouldn’t need to cook for about 2 weeks after I left. We enjoyed a great 3 weeks together.

    Have you heard that Frank Fast has stage 4 bone cancer. I haven’t heard what treatment route they are going but they certainly need our prayers. Bob and Mary Ehmann are recovering from Covid. They both ended up in the hospital. They’re home now but very weak.

    Covid has really gotten bad here in Missouri. Brooke said they’re on the verge of all schools in KC going virtual. We’re only having Brooke for Thanksgiving this year. Decided not to take a chance having more family come. Our bubble is pretty small.

    Jessie Kerns and Rebecca Fuller are getting married this week end at “Avondale” (Solid Rock). I think it will be a pretty small wedding. They’ve canceled their reception and will have it next year. That wedding was a long time in coming!

    Wishing you and Kent a Happy Thanksgiving! Miss you! Love, Cindy



  4. Deb Bacchetta, Baker Street House Says:

    Love reading about your adventures ☺️


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