About Roaming Reimers

RoamingReimers is a blog about the life and ministry of Kent and Jan Reimer.

We have been actively serving God in foreign missions for over 41 years. We ourselves have served in Alaska and the Amazon region of Brazil. Kent was a Missionary pilot and pastor. He taught in seminaries, pastored and established several churches. Jan has been his wife, mother of our children and partner in ministry in many ways over the years.

We have two grown children. Josh, our son and his wife Teresa live in Michigan and have our oldest grandson. He is now 14 years old. We can never have enough time with him. Our daughter Kara is married to Nicolas and they live in Denver. They have a very delightful son that is five They are all a delight and joy to us and we enjoy being together whenever we can, which isn’t as often as we would like!

We work for WorldVenture and counsel with new candidates interested in joining our mission from students to retirees. Kent also works with pastors to encourage them to have more involvement in world missions. We traveled a lot in these responsibilities and so four years ago we decided to move out of our house in Denver, Colorado and into a moving “house”. We now live in a Recreational Vehicle full time. We move “our RV house” to areas in order to help pastors, candidates and missionaries that need encouragement. We love our life and the ministry God has allowed us to have all these years.

We have celebrated 45 years of married life in May. What a fun journey through life it has been.

This blog follows our life and ministry. I do hope you will enjoy it.

Kent and Jan Reimer

6 Responses to “About Roaming Reimers”

  1. Kara Says:

    Hey mom, way to go with changing to WordPress!!


  2. Brenda Says:

    Found your new blog!


  3. Chuck and Sue Bray Says:

    Thanks for the notice of your blog address change. Once again we are the contact people for Calvary Bible Church in Grand Junction for keeping the church up to date on your activities.

    The flowers look nice. We are still in night time freezes here in Grand Junction but our spring flowers are poking up so maybe in a few weeks we will have some blooms.

    Sue for us both


  4. Vickie Says:

    Hi Jan! Just sent you a card and note (more like a letter!). Great reading your blog and seeing all your pictures! Now I need to get back to work!


  5. Denise Mitchell Says:

    Hey Jan, Great blog. Can’t wait for an update, I assume I will be in it!


  6. Vicki Petty Says:

    Love the website!


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