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Our grandson, Silas has a birthday!

October 14, 2015

I can not believe it! Silas just turned ten. It seems only yesterday that he was a baby and toddling around, then running and jumping, riding his bike and then school. Where did these years go? Well, they flew by.

Silas just celebrated his birthday and there was a big family party and lots of fun and food. Oh how I wish we could be there for at least one of these birthdays…but so far we only hear about them. We also heard that he had a party with some friends and they got to go to on a fun outing. It all sounded like so much fun…  In this picture Silas is in the yellow shirt with one of his friends. The other picture is the van full of boys having fun…Silas is in the back with his arm up in the air. It sure looks like Fun!!!


Some other pics from this summers Silas’ visit to us.

IMG_3966 IMG_3932  IMG_3924

Silas is having a good year in school and we praise God for that. He is a very smart little boy and especially in Math and perhaps Science too. He likes to read and I am always looking for books that would be of interest and encouraging to him. He so enjoyed camping with us this summer in Oregon. He played adult games and did very well. He loves to swim and playing with Legos.

Happy 10th Birthday Silas! we love you more than words can express and we pray that God will grow you into the man of God that He wants..and you will embrace God with your whole heart…

Love to you, Grandma and Grandpa R.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our daughter’s birthday

March 26, 2015

A few days ago our only daughter turned 33. When I think of that I can hardly believe that many years have gone by already.

Wasn’t it only yesterday that I held that dear sweet little girl in my arms? or she played with her big brother?


Or when I asked her to watch the laundry at 3 years old, she literally watched the washer go through the entire cycle.


Scanned Image 132330026

And hearing her run into the house saying that her brother Joshua, two years older had told her how to accept Jesus, and she had.

Br Kara & Cake


Br Kara-Hat

Seeing her so very excited to start school and learning so much so fast.

At age 10 she heard a pastor challenging the people to read through the entire Bible…that year was the first time she did, and many more years since.

Scanned Image 132330027

I think of her as a preteen and all the friends and the outings that we did. I remember her telling me that I didn’t have to go on all her school field trips. I told her Yes I did, that is what a good mother did. But I didn’t have to be in her group…then when my girls were having such fun, her group joined in with ours. (Hah).

As a teen when she chose basketball over playing the piano..I was saddened, not her.


She and her brother have always been very close

Her graduation from high school was special and we all celebrated with her. She looked very adult here with her dad


Off to college and me holding back my tears as I knew she was so excited to go..and I with mixed emotions.

College years, she grew up way too fast for me. But I was so proud of her. Here she is with roommates and other friends.


College graduation


Then years of working as a teacher and eventually with the severe Special Needs students.

DSCF0014 (2)-001

At her brother’s wedding

One day she asked me if I wanted to meet her “friend” Nick? Of course I said YES… and before long Nick was coming around a lot more.


She was very proud and happy to become an aunt to Silas.

Aunt Kara & SilasJPG

Then we got a call while we were in Uganda, Africa to say “I’m engaged!”


Your wedding day…Kara, we couldn’t have been happier for you and proud of you.


Good times as they enjoyed married life:



Kara and Nick 120

Kara went on to graduate with her Masters Degree in Special Needs Education:


Now she has been married to Nick for 8 years, and along comes a pregnancy and little Ivan has joined our family.


And how fast he is growing..


Happy birthday Kara..we are so glad that God saw fit to put you into our family. We love you so much and are more proud of you than words can express.

Love Mom for the Roaming Reimers

Turning 60

November 2, 2014

Yes, I do admit that I am turning 60..or really have already turned 60. I did think it would be terrible but in reality I found that turning 60 was better than turning 50.

I feel good and healthy. At 50, I started to work out and have been active ever since. Some of you may know of my gardening bent. I am very grateful for good health.

I am content with where I am in my life. I have a wonderful loving and fun husband, who I love more each day. I am grateful to have adult children that are loving and responsible. They bring joy to us every day. We have a wonderful 9 year old grandson that we love and had three whole days with by ourselves this summer.


Our daughter is about to have her first baby and we are allowed to be near by to see and hold this little one, not long after he/she arrives. That is a real treat too! and to just be able to hang out with our daughter and her husband has been fun! And yes, we have our RV house here so we each have our own space too.


So what did I do to celebrate turning 60? I got to spend the entire day with Kara, our daughter. We went to Denny’s for my free birthday breakfast.


She gave me a beautiful and very sweet card. It made me cry but in a good way. That about made my day from the start! We then went to a really nice shopping mall and walked around and enjoyed the pretty surroundings. No, we didn’t find anything to buy.

I got a free sub sandwich at Firehouse Subs and we split it. We went to a garden area and it was nice and warm enough to sit outside and have our lunch and then walked around the natural beauty a bit.

Then I wanted to watch a movie so we rented “Frozen” from a Red Box. It is a kids movie but fun to watch together. I thought Kara could sit for awhile that way.

Then we met up with our husbands and we all went to a Mediterranean Restaurant. We had a delicious meal


and then Kara pulled out some presents. One from some friends that was a cup and, and more cards and more cards, and then even more cards. 81 cards in all. I was flabbergasted!!



Apparently my dear husband had sent out emails that asked people to send me a card for my birthday…So I was so thrilled to open them and hear from so many friends from many different places. Several from overseas and from many parts of our lives lived all over the country. It was such a nice gift! From my husband and from these dear friends and of course to be with our daughter and her husband.


What a fun day and I did not mind at all turning 60. Now we are waiting for our newest grandchild(our daughter’s) to arrive any time. We are excited to be able to be on hand to help in whatever way they need. So watch for that announcement!

Oh, and if you sent a card! a Big THANKS!!!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

More fun with Silas and Happy Birthday!!!

October 27, 2014

I have to admit that I thought I posted this blog a long time ago…so here is the last one about Silas’s 3 days with us this summer. Here are a few other things we got to do with Silas. We did a lot without taking pictures of it. You can’t take pictures of all the fun things, right ??

Kent and Silas flew his kite. It did get off the ground but had problems staying up.


Silas did enjoy it once it did get in the air though

Grandpa took him swimming in a small lake nearby. You can see grandpa was a bit cold at first..but eventually they both got wet.


Kent’s sister and husband invited Silas to come and swim in the pool at their apartment.


Grandpa and Silas enjoyed that much more as you can see here. Grandma got into the pool with him too..again no I was in the Pool!


Silas also enjoyed eating my nasturtiums flowers. Yes in case you didn’t know they are edible!! Here it is behind his ear..See the little orange thing.


To prove to his cousins that he really did eat them.. he had to show it in his mouth. Hah!


Silas really loves his grandpa and you can see the feeling is mutual.


This last day we also had to get ready to fly. I flew back with Silas to his mom and dad. Kent and I were very happy to have had these special days together!!!

I let Silas sit by the window on the plane so he could see the sunrise as we flew east.


But I think the joy on his face when he saw his mother was a great treat too.

Teresa and Silas

We had a wonderful time with all of them, then the three days with Silas. Then I spent a week in Michigan and got to see Silas during his first week of school too.

While in Michigan I did some gardening for Teresa’s sister who recently moved into a house. That was fun as I did some needed trimming of their bushes. I love doing things like this.

Before my work

Another Area




The other area


The end of September was Silas’ 9th birthday. Grandpa & I wished him a very special birthday.We got to talk to him on his birthday. We are so proud of him and so grateful for him. Silas…we hope you had a wonderful birthday! We think of you every day and love you so much more than words can say. Happy Birthday!!!

Lots of Love,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers and as grandma…

Early 90th Birthday Celebration

October 16, 2014

While we were at Mom and Dad Reimer’s in Washington state, we were asking what Mom Reimer wanted to do to celebrate her 90th birthday in November? Well she never really gave us an answer. So we planned a small family gathering while Kent’s brother Ron and his wife Jan were visiting from Kentucky and while Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken were available to be there as well. So that was 3 out of the four children present.

Mom and dad had bought several salmon..right off the boat from a fisherman. It was two King Salmon and one Chum Salmon, it ended up being about 40 lbs of salmon. They brought it home and we wrapped it in freezer paper and froze it till it could be used.



Mom and dad wanted to cook some of it when Ron and Jan were with us all. So Kent actually cooked about half and made it 4 ways so you had all kinds of flavors and yummy salmon. This was taken after about half the salmon was eaten.



Of course LeAnn (Kent’s sister) and Ken, also Leann’s daughter Amanda and two nephews and a niece that live in Seattle all came. It made for a nice small gathering with good food and good fellowship too.


Mom and Dad with Ron, Kent and LeAnn. We missed having brother Glen and his family here at this time but they are coming for a visit later on in October.

The Family with spouses


Mom and dad with Denny, Kay and Larry (nephews and niece of Mom’s)


After the salmon feast we had a cake for mom’s birthday. She had on pink, the cake had pink icing on it and I got some of their dahlias out of their garden in shades of pink. It all looked very nice and Mom was surprised.


Here is the cake


Here is the entire group that came

Mom and Amanda(granddaughter that lives close by) Sweet!


After all the food some of us went for a walk. Dad and Ron walked together. I thought it was so sweet to see them walking together.


And if you have perceived that there are two Jans, you are right. Kent’s older brother Ron married a Jan too. So here are the two Jans together. We do not get much of a chance to be in the same place so this is special too.


Mom was very glad to have a celebration. Her birthday is still in November and we know she will have other ways to celebrate.

We sure had a good time with all the family that was able to come. It is always a pleasure to be with family and a blessing to add the celebration of mom’s 90th birthday as well.

Thanks Mom for allowing us to share in this birthday with you!!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our next stop was Kent’s parent’s place

October 14, 2014

We moved from near Portland, to further north to where Kent’s parents live. We moved here over a month ago.

When we first arrived..there was a big pile of brush from dad having had the huge maple tree trimmed. We worked for several days removing that brush.




All brush gone and the grass can grow again.

I have been helping dad outside. With trimming bushes, harvesting in the garden, having meals together and having some good visits.
Some garden produce about to be made into dinner. Yum!


We went to Mt Baker one sunny day as well.



Dad and Mom have raised Dahlia flowers for years now. This years crop wasn’t as big but so pretty. I took some in to grace our table for dinner

Here are some in the garden.

We had a good month helping mom and dad. But watch for the final event!

Love, Jan from the Roaming Reimers

Birthday and gardening

July 9, 2014

My husband Kent’s father turned 93 last week. Wow! Dad R looks so good. He still has a huge garden. They eat out of it and share some with us but dad has a ministry of his own. He grows lots of vegetables for the local food bank. He really loves doing this. Maybe that is the reason he is doing so well at 93 years old. Kent’s sister LeAnn and I were there to help celebrate dad’s birthday.

Here is his cake. IMG_0733


Dad had said a few weeks ago that he wanted a yellow rose. So I set out to get him one. We found one at a nursery not to far from their home. We got  it and dad was going to plant it. I will have to see it when we next go for a visit and to help them.

Kent has been very busy administering the NorthWest office. He helps in managing the staff and visiting pastors and candidates. There are lots of meetings and phone calls as well. It had been quite a different summer for him but he is enjoying the change too.


I still have my little garden and it is growing. We have even eaten out of the lettuce and spinach even though the leaves are pretty small. Small but delicious. My flower garden had nothing in it when I moved here. Looking pretty. IMG_6957


This week I had time to go to the neighborhood coffee time on Thursday.  I am slowly getting to know more neighbors. Most of the folks here are a bit older and have limited economic means. It seems to be a place where a positive word is always needed. I try to do that and give a testimony to God as well.

Kent’s sister LeAnn and her husband Ken have a house about 5 miles from where Kent’s parents live. LeAnn and Ken want to sell this house. So us girls have gone a few times to see the parents but to work on their house.   IMG_0717

First we did weeding and mowing, then more weeding and cutting back tall blackberries and hauling away of all the bramble. This week we will go back and see what else we can do. Perhaps some inside painting.  There will be new flooring needed and some packing of their stuff still there. And when not working at their house we will check to see if Dad or Mom Reimer needs something done.

Before Weeding

                                                                                                          After weeding.




Dad’s garden a few weeks ago before weeding and after, now you can see the potatoes and find the spinach as well as lettuce. Raspberries in the background. I love all this produce and so enjoy helping mom and dad as well.



I have loved doing these kinds of things to help my (Kent’s) family. It has been a busy and full summer already.  We can hardly believe that it is half over. The garden has grown a lot since this as well. Dad got a new hoe that is pretty good to use. He enjoys that.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Kent’s birthday and a Trip to Mexico

February 10, 2014

Two weeks ago Kent had his birthday. It was a birthday worth celebrating. Since my niece was in town as well and she wanted to see Mexico , we did both things. On our way to Mexico we stopped for Kent’s free birthday breakfast at Denny’s.


Then we drove to the border and went across at Nogales. It was the first time for Kent and I to go across at this particular town. It was fun. It was a chance for Jana to see a little of Mexico and for her to get some gifts for family and friends. She had fun bargaining with the shop owners and changing money as well.



We then had lunch of fresh tacos from a street vendor. It was good.


We then went back to the US and stayed at a nice motel for the night in Tucson. Jana had booked us some really nice rooms. When we went into ours..we were surprised as it was huge. And with a big jacuzzi type tub. Well, I had to use that since I do not have a tub in my RV. That was a treat.


Jana shared her sunset view from her room with us. Really pretty sunset!


We decided to go out for dessert to celebrate Kent’s birthday. Kent got a delicious chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Really good but I decided to have Creme Brulee which is my favorite! Jana had a pretzel as she likes salty things better.


Come back for the the rest of the story.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Celebrating my birthday

November 5, 2013

Yes, because of two days of rain we decided to delay our leaving of Kansas City, Missouri and would do some things to celebrate my birthday in KC.

As I realized that we were staying put, I said I wanted to go to Denny’s for my Free Grand Slam Breakfast. While we were ordering one of my good friends from PA called to wish me a Happy Birthday. That was the start!

Because Denny’s had free wifi we sat and Kent got some work done while I searched for fun and free things to do. About 11 am we took off.It was still raining and so I suggested the free Art Museum. It is called the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I used to go there occasionally on their free Friday sponsored by Ford Motor Company. A number of years ago they went to an all free museum. Many more people come and enjoy all the beauty that is there now. check them out here.

That was our second FREE item. We spent about 3 hours there. Here I am standing beside a beautiful bouquet in the front hallway. I do love flowers!!!


I did get several calls while here to wish me a Happy Birthday as well and that was also nice. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful paintings and other objects of art there.

Next we drove to the famous “Country Club Plaza”. Most people call it the Plaza.Here is the website.  Check it out.  It is an outdoor mall. Meaning that you have to go out of one store to go into another. It is beautiful all times of the year. It was still raining and so we drove around to see the shops from the car. I was not inclined to walk around in the rain, nor was Kent to get out and stroll. So we drove around instead.

Here are a few pictures of one of the main streets there. The rain kind of made it a bit hard to appreciate the beauty.

photo 1

Kansas City is known for lots of fountains. This one is near the Plaza and is often photographed.but usually on clear days. hah!

photo 2

Then we went on the Crown Center which is another upscale small mall connected to the Hallmark Card company’s headquarters. Here is their website too.   They also have a huge Crayola store and cafe there.

photo 4

Also well as a Legoland and store. And here is their website…it looked awesome but we needed to have our grandson Silas  with thus to enter the Legoland..

Here I am with two huge Lego figures. almost as big as me…wow! that is a lot of Legos and putting them together must have taken days of work!!!

photo 3

We strolled around and I took several more calls for my Birthday. Our son and our daughter always call on our birthdays and we both try to catch up on what is happening in their lives too.

Finally we decided it was time to get something else to eat. We went to Olive Garden thinking that they sold my favorite dessert, Creme Brulee’.  I love this dessert. If you have never had is the easy recipe. I love the way this woamn enjoys making it too. I guess that will be me since they didn’t have it..sad :<).

We still stayed and after dinner we split a chocolate cheesecake and I got some gourmet coffee. So here I am enjoying that.

photo 5

We did stop at a few stores too as I had some things to return. But all in all the day was a nice fun day. About 2 it stopped raining and so we were able to wait out the storm too.

It was a fun and mostly FREE Birthday! Thanks Kent for a wonderful day and to all my friends who wished me a Happy Birthday in person and on facebook too.

Next year will be a big one…guess we will have to look for something extra special for that one. Hah!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Second important Family event

October 1, 2013

September 24th was our grandson’s 8th Birthday! He was pretty excited about it. Apparently he is saving up for  Kindle Fire as a reader and to play games on. Cute!

Here is a picture of Silas at about age 1. I love this one so much. I just found it among my pictures and so have it on my frig right now. So sweet.


Silas loves his grandpa Kent. He always enjoys doing anything with him. Even goofing off like in this picture from our visit this summer.



We did get to visit him this summer and his mom and dad too.


Silas now that you are 8 you are just as much fun as when you were younger. We love you and are so proud of you too!


Lots of Love Grandma and Grandpa Reimer

From the Roaming Reimers