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Our niece’s wedding and family times

August 11, 2017






Kent’s neice Amanda got married and that was the reason we all got together in Washington. The outdoor wedding was on Saturday afternoon at a park. They had their two greyhound dogs and two cats as their attendants and had friends be their people handlers. Amanda even walked down the aisle with her dog. I think there was a rabbit there too but I didn’t get to see him.

Amanda and Reggie got married and afterwards we sat around visiting family and some of her friends. Amanda was 15 when aggressive bone cancer was found in her. She had to have a strong protocol and was able to not only survive but here a little more than ten years later she is getting married. It was a special day in many ways.

Kent’s family did have a bunch of get togethers. His brother Glen’s family hosted two family times at their rented house. Kent’s sister hosted two gatherings a their condo’s  community room. And we also got to stop by Kent’s parents place for a visit and a look at the gardens.  Glen’s family and Ron and Jan, Kent’s oldest brother and wife  had done a bunch of weeding in the garden and around the house. I was grateful for that as it is something I have done for them for years but this year I can not.

It was a special time to be with Amanda and Reggie and to see the a lot of the rest of the family too!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Enjoy this video with lots more pictures and some videos:

Bruce and Melody hosted a July 4th party

July 11, 2017

Our hosts( where we are parked this summer) are Bruce and Melody. They have graciously allowed us to park on their property with a beautiful view of Mt Rainier. They decided to host a party for Independence Day. We were graciously invited too.

We had a blast and the party was a huge success! Many of their neighbors, friends came. I think it must have been close to 60 people. Bruce plays in two bands and one of them played for the entertainment. I was able to get a short clip of them singing.

We had a fun day and enjoyed getting to know Bruce and Melody’s neighbors and friends better.

Follow the video link to see more pictures!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Memorial Day weekend

June 13, 2017

We had not seen mom and dad Reimer since we moved to Seattle area. So we decided to go there to help around the farm for the extended weekend. Kent took off a few days so we could be there a bit longer and not have to drive in the holiday traffic. On our way we had breakfast with Kent’s cousin Denny and Jeri and caught up with them a bit. Then we took our time driving as  it was an absolutely beautiful day, we enjoyed the scenery along the way.

We had a full two days trying to get all the things dad and mom needed done. Dad was planting his garden and Kent’s sister had helped with planting corn and beans and some other things.   I could help with planting,  although I can’t work as long as I used to… so I had to rest a bit each day. But Dad plugged along and what I couldn’t help with, Kent did. So we got the garden planted. Isn’t that amazing at almost 96, dad still insists on planting a garden. They eat a lot of it and give some of it to friends and family. But dad does take a lot of it to the food bank just a mile down the road. He told me he’d already given 70lbs of rhubarb to the food bank.  Anyway we got that done and lots of trimming and Kent even fixed some things that needed done too. So by Sunday we were ready to rest!


We had seen our dear friend Ed, and also had dinner with our neice Amanda as well. It was good to see these precious family and friends.

Sunday, we took mom and dad to church and then to eat at mom’s favorite Chinese restaurant. Then we took them back to their place to rest and Kent and I met my oldest neice Jana at the “Ski to Sea” event in Bellingham. Here is the link to explain this fun experience. We could not get there to see the first place winners but we did see some 40 teams cross the finish line. I have always wanted to go to this event and we would have tried out the food but we had already eaten with mom and dad…another time. But we had fun chatting with Jana and catching up a little on her life. We are planning on seeing her again this summer too!


On Memorial Day there is a beautiful ceremony to remember all service men and women at Green Acres Memorial Garden. Their website for more information:

It is another thing that I  have wanted to do this year. So the whole family decided to do that as well. It was fun! They had a concert with several artists and then the beautiful and moving ceremony. They call it the “Festival of flags” as they place over 1,800 flags in the cemetery that were given to the relatives of someone who had served our country and now had died( not necessarily in the line of duty). These flags are then donated to the Memorial Garden and a flagpole also so that they can be flown on Memorial Day. It is beautiful!

I have two brothers and two nephews who have served our country and who have passed away and are buried in the same military cemetery in my home state.  I still have one brother who served that is still living. So I really like these kinds of ceremonies especially Memorial Day or July 4th.

A few pics:


I have put together a video because I had a wonderful song that was sung that I loved. Please go here for more pictures of this patriotic event.

Jan for the Roaming Reimer’s

Our 42nd Wedding Anniversary

June 5, 2017

Not long after we arrived in Seattle area was our wedding anniversary day. Unfortunately it was a cloudy and a bit rainy that day, so I decided to find something fun to do inside. I found a Groupon for a local car museum. I was pretty sure Kent would like that. So we went to LeMay car museum in the late morning. It was fun and one I’d the docents was very knowledgeable about all the cars and  fen knew Mr LeMay himself so had lots of stories to tell.

We then met out hosts, Bruce and Melody for dinner at Outback Steakhouse. A fun day and nice quiet way to celebrate this year!


Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers


Family Christmas video

February 1, 2017

I hope you all can see this video. Sorry it took me so long to get it put together! Actually without our daughter Kara’s help it wouldn’t be done now.. thanks Kara!



Jan for the Roaming Reimer’s

Kent’s parents celebrate 70 Years of Marriage

August 18, 2016

Not many people live long enough to celebrate 70 years of marriage. We are so glad to be able to share Kent’s parents 70th Anniversary with you. The family shared a commemorative day with them when we were all together at a granddaughter’s wedding in May.

A recent picture at our family celebration.


And let’s show you a few picture over the years. Starting on their wedding day.


Early in their marriage with Alyce’s grandma Minnie two of their sons and a nephew.


There are many more pictures but I hope this gives you an idea of their lives over these 40+ years that I’ve known them. Their daughter and Kent and I hosted a party a few weeks ago for their 70th here in their church. It was well attended and even our own daughter-in-law and grandson Silas were visiting us at the time!  They had some visitors that they haven’t seen in 50+ years. They enjoyed the afternoon and the good wishes and many cards and some gifts they received. It was a special time!

A few pictures from the day, as I was trying to make sure it all went well, so didn’t take as many pictures.

Well, it was a wonderful time. As I said not many people make it to 70 years of marriage. They are the first couple that I know personally that have made this milestone. We pray that you enjoyed your celebrations, mom and dad!


Jan for the roaming Reimers


August 14, 2016

Today is a special day in the life of our family ! It is our son and daughter-in-law’s 12th Wedding anniversary and our son-in-law’s birthday! It is ironic that they are on the same day in such a small family! Hah!

Josh and Teresa and their wonderful son Silas! Happy Anniversary!

Nick is so often behind the camera as he is a great photographer too. So a few shots of him! Happy Birthday, Nick!  Pictured here also with their son Ivan!

We are so grateful for these wonderful in-laws and for them loving our kids and giving us two wonderful grandsons!

May God bless you with some wonderful people in your life!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A Very Special Family Event

June 17, 2016

A few weeks ago Kent and I accompanied his parents to a wedding of one of their granddaughters. We had planned to go and encouraged them to go with us. We drove a day before to  a cousins house in Seattle and had a nice evening and time to catch up before the trip. This was so we didn’t have to fight traffic in the morning. So our time to get to the airport was much easier. Our flights went well and we arrived at our destination without any problems. Our daughter and her 18 month old son had traveled ahead of us and already had the rented van and picked us up and we were on to our way to our rented house.

We had a couple of days to rest and enjoy our grandson before the rest of the family gathered. Ivan entertained us often!

My other sister-in-law, Jamie and Glen held a brunch for all the family to gather and visit at their rented house. It was fun seeing everyone and just hanging out some. Then we all had to get ready for the wedding and go to it.

Our niece’s wedding was a beautiful event and we so enjoyed being able to be there for it. It was very special to have Kent’s parents there. They were the only living grandparents. So it was a special time.

The family that was there. All but one of us.


On Sunday morning some of us went to see the racetrack where Kent’s brother works part time selling programs during the racing season. It is a beautiful venue and we got to see the horses run that morning. Ivan our 18 month old grandson enjoyed that and the jockeys enjoyed seeing him too!

Then the entire family had a nice brunch at a lovely restaurant and afterwards we all went to Kent’s brothers house for a celebration of Kent’s parents early 70th wedding anniversary. Since all but one member of the family was there it seemed appropriate to commemorate this event together. Of course we had cake and took pictures!

Monday everyone starting to leave and gradually it was just Kent and I and his folks. We had decided to stay a few days after the wedding to visit with the brides parents a little more. That was nice and then it was our time to return home too. Our flights were pretty good although we had some turbulence on our last leg. But after our drive back to mom and dads house. they were glad to get home again.

Kent and I stayed overnight with a friend and then weeded dads garden in the morning before we left to drive back to where our RV is parked. We are so grateful for this trip!

Thanks Ron and Jan for all of your help and the hosting!

This  video link shows lots more pictures and some of the fun we had! These pictures were taken by our daughter and son-in-law as he is a better photographer than me. So follow this link to see more pictures:


Jan for the Roaming Reimers




Our anniversary

May 26, 2016

I could hardly believe it, but another year has rolled around and our 41st wedding anniversary was nearing. after our big celebration last year we just wanted a quiet one but to share it with someone.  I spoke to our hosts and thought we could do something together, just to celebrate it.

Eventually they asked if we would like to go to a small German town nearby. So they drove and hosted us for the wonderful day. We had such fun driving there and getting to know the countryside and our new friends better. Also the town was wonderful and fun.


Enter a caption

We had a lunch of bratwurst, hotdogs or something similar. Of course! There were lots of tourist shops and restaurants. We also went for a walk along the river and enjoyed that immensely. They had made reservations in town and we had a delicious German meal.

They drove us back and that was pretty as the sun was setting. So all in all a wonderful day.


imageAnd it was a wonderful day with new friends and a lovely day from them as a gift!

We are grateful for yet another year of life and marriage! We are really blessed!

Gratefully yours,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Celebrating with Family

February 12, 2016

Kent and I had a wonderful time with our family in December. We all gathered at Josh and Teresa and Silas’ house to celebrate Christmas and to celebrate Josh’s Masters Degree graduation in Informational Technology. This was a week before Christmas.

We had such a great time together. Josh and Teresa rented a house where we could all be together. Kara, Nick and Ivan came as well so that made 8 of us. It was fun to see Silas and Ivan interacting. Ivan was just starting to walk and that was great fun for all of us to watch too.


Josh’s graduation was a real treat to be able to attend. Since he only got 4 tickets to the event, it was Teresa, Kent, Kara and I that got to actually see him graduate. Wow! What a privilege!


Afterwards Teresa held a family party for her family and their friends to come and celebrate with Josh too. So Fun!

We did get to celebrate Christmas together. We have fun swapping names and then buying for one person. (We do this on an online site so no-one knows who gets whom except maybe the one who helps Silas buy. But it is always fun!) Grandma gets to put little presents in our stockings as well but it is very low key. We mostly just enjoy being together and that is our present to each other!

P1230048   IMG_0034 (1)  FullSizeRender  IMG_4922

We did get to go see the new Star Wars movie together too. Thanks to Kara and Nick getting us tickets..on them. Kara and Ivan stayed an extra couple of days. One day she took Silas and Kent and I to a trampoline place. Ivan and Silas loved it.

P1230068-2   P1230063

Other pictures of our time together. I think you can see how much we enjoyed this time together!

IMG_0016  IMG_0019   IMG_4826

We are so blessed to have our grown children walking with our Lord and serving Him in many ways. We are thrilled for the opportunities on their jobs to share Christ’s love with people. We continue to pray for all of us to follow God with our whole hearts.  If you pray for us, please pray that God will continue to draw all of us closer to Him and that Silas and Ivan will understand God’s love for them and the world.


May God bless you! Thanks for those that pray for us!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers