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Family Christmas 2016

January 3, 2017

Kent  and I flew to our daughter, Kara’s and husband Nick’s home in Colorado for Christmas. Of course we were very excited to their two year old son Ivan as well!

We had a few days with them before our son Josh, Teresa and Silas came to spend Christmas together! I thought that we would have some quiet days together, but once we got there and saw that Kara and Nick were trying to finish up an update on their condo… 2 new vanities in their bathrooms, new flooring throughout! There had been delays and so it was behind schedule. Check out their blog at: to see more pictures of the project.

So we had two day to hang out together out of the house. We had fun hanging out with Ivan and Kara while Nick was busy.

Then Josh, Teresa and Silas flew in and the fun just continued.

Nick, Josh and Silas went skiing. Kent went along to help and just to be with the men.  Kara, Teresa and I had a quiet day together with Ivan. Then we all went to the new Star Wars movie and there was game playing and lots of conversations. Christmas Day was a low key affair with a delicious meal at Kara’s house. We also enjoyed sharing gifts with each other as our family exchanges names. We enjoyed watching Ivan pass out the gifts but also enjoyed his own. Silas enjoyed playing with Ivan as well.

Special times and now special memories of our wonderful time together! We are so glad that our family enjoys each other. It is a blessing that Kara and Nick were willing to host us as well! Last year it was Josh and Teresa hosting us. So we do appreciate all the work!

We always get a new family picture.. and this year it was a bit cold as you can see from all the coats and hats this year. But it was warm Family times! We pray that you had a wonderful Blessed Christmas as well with family or friends or both!


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Here is a video that shows a few more of our fun times! I will link this video once I’ve had time to get it put together. Link:


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Settled in Mesa

December 31, 2016

We have been here in Mesa, AZ for a little over a month  now. We are in a new location in our RV park and it is where we see a lot of people often walking by. We are trying to get to know more people and I ( Jan) am more involved in classes etc here in our little community. I am part of an aerobics swimming class and on the bowling league from our park. We occasionally go to the afternoon concerts held here too.

Because Kent still is busy working for the mission, he misses a lot of this but does get involved when he can. We feel this is our community to make an impact in, and are trying to do that.

We also got busy decorating for Christmas. I have a small Christmas tree and some outside decorations. Some dear friends sent us a real evergreen wreath which is a real treat for us.

We pray that as you prepare for Christmas and have parties etc that you will have opportunities to share why you have a “Reason for this season.” We are so blessed and have the freedom to share and to enjoy this season. I pray that you will be blessed as you celebrate Christ’s birth!

jan for the Roaming Reimers



Easter with Family, a conference and travel

April 24, 2015

I love Easter. It reminds me of our Lord and all He did for us..and then the resurrection day to celebrate the victory over death and SIN. It reminds me that Christ gives us victory. I love the spring flowers and all the spring colors. Also I love the newness of starting over…because nature has started to bloom again. I loved seeing these Iris in bloom too.


We are so grateful that this year again we could be with some of Kent’s family for Easter. His Uncle Mel and wife Chris live in Las Vegas as well as a first cousin and her family. They had also invited Chris’ son’s family. We all have been together before and it was so nice. Again this Easter we had a grand time. Chris’ granddaughters were such fun to be with.


Uncle Mel had taken a fall the week before but was in rare form despite his Parkinson’s. He almost runs with his walker though and it made me just a bit nervous. But I did get them to stay put long enough to get a picture.


We had several times that we go to see them including Easter Service at their church where a clear presentation of the gospel was given. So great to hear that and on the day that every Christian should proclaim that message.

Easter dinner was at first cousin Karen and Tim Dolan’s house. It was a delicious Ham dinner. We all brought something to help but Karen did most of the heavy cooking. Thanks Karen and Tim too.


After Easter weekend we had a conference. It was with other owners of the samp type of Rv that we have. These are to get together and learn things from each other and also from speakers about various things about living or maintaining our RVs. Kent did a seminar on solar for RVs and also on full time living. We had many opportunities to speak of God’s love as well. It was a fun and busy week.See all the rigs parked near each other to visit better.


We did make some new friends too, but didn’t get pictures of them. Opps!


Then we headed on down the road…we went about 200 miles a day. First night was at a very peaceful roadside pull off. WE had three other Rvs with us that night but it was sure peaceful.

IMG_2256 (1)

It took us 4 days to reach our next destination which is where we are currently parked near Roseburg, Oregon. That is southern Oregon but along the 1-5 corridor.

We are here for about two months. Kent has already been able to meet with several people including the pastor of a local church. They were encouraged to hear how they might be more involved in Missions opportunities.

We are also here visiting our good friends Phil and Jeannie Teel. We met in Juneau, Alaska in 1980 and have kept in contact. Phil is a welder, now retired, but keeps an active shop to do things in. So Kent had a big project and they are both tackling it.

The project it to take the back of our truck and re-configure it to accommodate our new car.. It is a Smart Car and only 8 foot 4″ long. So it can work it out. So this is a BIG project. More about that next blog as it is still in the works. Come back to see it. OK?

Here is our BIG TRUCK and little car.


That is about all we have been doing these past several weeks. I (Jan) also got 2 boils on her ear canal and so that is why this blog is so late…I am starting to feel better finally. Yeah! I can hear again!!!!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Family Christmas 2014

January 19, 2015

We feel so blessed that our family was able to get together in Denver this year over New Years for our family Christmas!!! With Kara and Nick having baby Ivan we all felt it best to go there to be with them. So we did and all had a great time. Here are some of the pics of having fun together. I will let the pictures speak for the wonderful time we all had together. It was only 5 days but so wonderful!

Our 9 year old Grandson Silas holding 6 week old Ivan his cousin




IMG_0051 (1)





We are so grateful that we can all be together this Christmas! It was such a great time at Kara and Nick’s and holding a loving on Ivan.


Of course the star was 6 week old Ivan


I think he is trying to talk here…



Rejoice with us in God’s blessing to us! We thank God for His Many blessings.

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers

We are settled!

May 30, 2014

We are off the road and settled, near Portland, Oregon.  It took us two weeks to find a  place for us to park for the summer. We had a temporary place but knew we needed to find something more long term. We are in a mobile home park that has a few spots for RVs. We have been here 3 weeks and love it. We are about 11 miles from the office that Kent goes to during the week. And about 1 mile from Kent’s sister LeAnn and Ken her husband. That is nice.

I was excited because I saw there was a little area of dirt that had nothing planted in it. Yeah! I could think of what to put in there… Flowers.   And I found some pots from various places and even planted a tomato, basil, some lettuce, onions and spinach. So I even have a little garden. Yeah! LeAnn has a small garden at her apt and so had me thinking of it.

Before planting:
IMG_6941                    After planting and adding a hanging basket



Kent officially took over his summer responsibilities as Interim NorthWest director for WorldVenture last Tuesday. He has people to oversee and to help. He hopes to give them training to better know how to coach individuals into missions ministry with WorldVenture too. But he does have the office responsibilities as well.

This past Sunday we went to a church where a couple that Kent is coaching goes. We so enjoyed being with this couple, Brad and Sara and 14 month old Camden.

IMG_0597        IMG_0587

It was a very fun church to attend. A smaller historic country church with the cemetery right beside it. The pastor is a dedicated man of God and we were also impressed with his family that we met. I appreciated the pastor’s message.  They sang some hymns and some contemporary songs. I sensed God’s presence and unity in this church. Very encouraging day. They had a barbeque and we stayed and visited some more. Brad and Sara just enjoyed hanging out too.

So you can see we are settled  in here and enjoying being here in life and ministries.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Mother’s Day reflections

May 14, 2014

On Mother’s Day I would naturally think of my own mom. And I was this past week. Last week this happened to me, it was raining all day and we were not sure yet where we were going to settle, and I was feeling a little “blue” all day. I really wondered was why I was feeling sad..but. Kara, our daughter called and we talked and that helped but I was still puzzling at why I felt that way..

We got together that afternoon for a hike with Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband, Ken.  LeAnn mentioned the date…May 7th OHHH, that was my mom’s birthday. She would have been 93. My subconscious remembered even as I hadn’t thought of it. So then I felt better. I realized I was just missing my mother. I still do almost every day.

Scanned Image 132330009

Then Mother’s Day this Sunday… so I was thinking of several mothers. I was thinking of Teresa our daughter-in-law who is a great mother to our grandson 8 year old Silas.


I was thinking of my mother-in-law Alyce who has come back from their car accident in November but is still struggling with some issues. I had just been to visit them (a 5 hour drive one way from where we are living), and I had a pretty good visit. I got to help dad with the garden and some weeding in flower beds around the house. I bought some flowers and planted them so Mom could enjoy them.

Reimer2012 002




I was thinking of another mother-to-be that I know. She is a first time mother and is unexpectedly expecting. She is doing great but adjusting to thinking about a coming baby.

I was thinking of all the ‘mothers’  that God put into my life over the years to influence me for good and to show me how to be a better mother. Eleanor now 95 and has struggles of her own. She was so influential in my life!  She became a missionary to Alaska when she was 65 and a widow. I talked to her today and she just had a wonderful visit with her daughter. I got to see her last summer when this picture was taken..

2013-08-07 13.01.59

There are two Betty’s that God placed in my life to encourage and pray for me and to generally just help keep me on the right path. This Betty has been like a mother to me. She is a real prayer warrior too.




There are four friends, that have upheld me through thick and thin from my home church. All of these dear ladies have been a godly example to me.  I have been so blessed by  all these women who taught me much about motherhood. They all have different ways of “mothering” but I learned so much from each one. And I count them each as a very dear friend!


Me and my four special friends.

Of course,  I was also thinking of our own children and the blessing that they both have been to me.  I can still remember what it felt like to hold them the first time. So precious!  Josh, our son and oldest was so premature that we almost lost him.  We praise God that he survived and he has been such a blessing in our lives.

Josh-June '80-9






Kara was born 2 years later and I am so grateful for both of them and all they have taught me and all the joy they brought to my life and continue to!



Lastly I (and my husband Kent) couldn’t stop without thinking of our very precious grandson, Silas, who is now 8 years old. He is our son Josh and Teresa’s son. We treasure the time we have together! This picture is a few years ago but such a fun time!




I had a good Mother’s Day. We did not get to be with our kids,  BUT we all got on our computers and “saw” each other and talked together. That was a treat!


Then Kent and I and Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken went to a beautiful rhododendron garden. We had so much fun taking lots of pictures. I do enjoy the northwest and all it’s springtime beauty! Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!



These are all rhododendrons of many different varieties.



 LeAnn looking closely at the blossoms


These are really rhododendrons bushes but look like trees!

Many more pictures…too many to include but I thought you would like to see the beauty of Spring in the Northwest.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Happy Easter!

April 20, 2014

How many of you love Easter? I love the whole weekend of first remembrance of what Christ did for us and then the triumphal Easter morning. I always awake Easter just looking forward to the entire day no matter what we do. although going to church is a top priority for the day.

Over the years we have done more traditional Christian Easter with early breakfast at church, special service with new bright spring clothes and even some Easter baskets. We are a lot less traditional now that we live in our Rv house.

I always look forward to going to church at Easter. We actually went to church Saturday night as well as Sunday morning. Last night was more like a show and in a huge church that had several Saturday evening services and several Sunday morning services. The pastor did share the gospel message of hope.. That is what Easter is all about more than anything.

Easter Morning we had found a church that supports some of our WorldVenture missionaries, so we thought why not? It was the antithesis of last night. A much smaller church and a quiet friendly group. Again the pastor shared the gospel. They also sang several hymns… But what I miss most is the old rousing hymns we sang that seemed to lift me up. Like: Up From the Grave He Arose! , The old Rugged Cross, and He Lives. I haven’t heard those in any church for so long…the last few years I just decided to sing some on my way to church. This year I found a youtube version of one of those songs. Very simple, but the message is clear.. Christ Arose. I do hope you enjoy it too!

After all the best message in the world is that Jesus Arose from the dead to overcome our sins. How can we not sing about this!

We hope you had a Wonderful blessed Easter!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

I have a great Husband!!

February 16, 2014

I love Valentine’s Day…Kent has gotten me flowers over the years and we usually have a special meal..usually at home because of the crowds. Kent often cooks or we cook together. We were in Trader Joe’s store yesterday and Kent saw the flowers were a good price…He asked me “Do you want some flowers?” I said” Actually I love flowers anytime, but..I would rather have a new bathroom faucet for Valentine’s Day.”

So Saturday Kent went to Home Depot and got the faucet and other pieces that he needed and at this moment he is installing a new bathroom faucet for me. Yeah! Our other faucet we have used for the 6 years we have lived in our house.. I have never really liked it as it had a plastic handle on the top. It just sort of looked cheap to me with that plastic handle and it had broken .




Our plans for the day were to meet up with some dear friends that we know from our days in Alaska, so over 30 years ago. Phil and Jeannie usually come to Arizona in their RV in the winter for a few months. This year they decided to come in their car so they were only here for a couple of weeks. It was fun to see them and hear about their lives this past year.

Kent called his parents and they were going to a church lunch on Saturday for Valentine’s Day. Yeah! That is one of the first things they have gotten to do since they were in the car accident since early November. So that was exciting for them and us too!

I always think of our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. So I was looking through my pictures and IMG_6685I found a cute picture of our grandson Silas that shows his fun personality, it was taken at Christmas time.

Here is an old one of his dad, our son Josh…

Scanned Image 112060030

Here is a cute one of our daughter, Kara

Br Kara-Hat

And I also found this old picture of Kent where he was the speaker at a Valentine’s banquet when we lived in Juneau, Alaska. Did you know that he had a beard?  I do not have little kid pictures of my son-in-law nor our daughter-in-law so could not include them here…sad. I thought you would enjoy these older pictures.


I do pray that you all had a good day and could let your loved ones know it. We are so grateful for all of our family and for every moment we have with them.

Love ,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Christmas in Denver

January 1, 2014

All of our family got together in Denver for Christmas. Yeah!! We had a great time! It was 2 years ago that we were all together for Christmas. Kent and I get to see both families at different times but we have not all been together since Christmas 2011. So this was a very precious family time visit!

Kent and I and our son Josh, Teresa and  8 year old Silas all arrived on Christmas eve day. Kara had a live Christmas tree that she and Nick had been able to cut down themselves. She left our family ornaments out for us to put on together.


That was fun and loads of memories in doing that together. Silas enjoyed it too!


Kara also had all of our stockings hanging at the fireplace.  I made most of these but although I did make one for Nick, he likes the one his own mother painstakingly made for him. That is why it is so different from the others. Nick’s is the white one that is seventh from left side and  there is one for “Bean” our grand cat..that is the last one with the red paw print on it.


Another blessing was the great, warm weather, with temps in the high 50s with lots of sunshine most of the days.  Christmas day we went for a walk and played at an outside park and even got our family picture taken. No coats, fun since everyone assumes that Denver is sooo cold. It is sometimes but often surprises you!


Teresa and I tried to help Kara in the kitchen but Kara was so organized it didn’t take much. We all were glad for a low key Christmas and tried to keep things a bit easier so we could all enjoy everyone. We did enjoyed Kara’s new kitchen.


Nick had put up the backsplash for her while she spent three weeks in Washington in November helping Kent’s sister and his parents after their car accident. It looks so nice.


We did a non-traditional feast of cheese fondue and few hours later meat and veggie fondue.   Kara  had made tiramisu, so we had for dessert. It was a yummy lighter meal which was just what we all wanted.


On the day after Christmas Nick, Kara, Josh, Teresa and Silas all went skiing. Kent and I stayed in the warm lodge. They all had a great time skiing together.



The next day as still very warm and  pretty, so we went to downtown Denver where there was a small ice rink and skating was free. Most of us went, although my legs got tired fairly quickly. Teresa and Silas stayed on the rink the longest and Silas really got the hang of it for his first time.


Teresa and Kara having a little talk in the middle of it all.


Nick and Kara helping Silas


Warm enough to not even have our coats on.


Uncle Nick and Silas had lots of fun too.


Grandpa and Silas enjoyed many moments of fun too!


One of our last days together we went to the Celestial Seasoning Tea factory in Boulder. most of us like teas and this is a short tour but you can try as many of their teas as you want.  Even Silas got into trying a tea.


Grandma sure enjoyed all the time we had together too. Can you see how much Silas is growing up so fast? This is why we enjoy these precious moments!!


Josh, Teresa and Silas went home and are back to their lives. Kent and I will be home soon too. What good memories and lots of love in these days!

The Reimer Family wishes all of you many happy family memories in 2014.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A Happy Thanksgiving and Flowers

December 3, 2013

We do pray that you had a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!  Kent and I are in Phoenix, Arizona again.  We spent Thanksgiving with a Professor of the Christian College where I (Jan) volunteers doing the flower planting.

We had  such a good time with them and lots of delicious food.  Prof Jim and his wife Shirley have 3 daughters. Two of them came and some friends and one had a boyfriend.  While we were getting to know one of the girls who is a teacher in a local school, we were asking about her family. We found out that she is the daughter of an old college friend of ours. Wow! I was very surprised and pleased. We loved Bill in college and have met his family before but only met his daughter once about 10 years ago.  We even had time to call Bill up. What a fun surprise!

We are enjoying our friends here in Arizona and also being back to a more “stable” schedule again. We are again parked at the same Mobile home park that has spaces for a few RVs and enjoying the warm weather here.

When I came back to the college landscaping I saw lots to do. It was much less than in previous years. As some staff had planted some of the boxes so it looked nice for the beginning of the school year.

So here the boxes are before trimming and planting.


I did some trimming and planted a few flowers for some “pop” of color. Everything is looking really good now.


There were two larger flower beds that had needed everything done. So here is a before:



Here is when I was done. I was able to salvage lots of Sweet Alyssum (the little white flowers around the edge) from plants that just sprung up from some being planted there last year.


Now I have turned my talents to working on trimming bushes and other things around the campus. There always seems to be something to do so that is not a problem.

Kent is back in the swing of things in missions ministry. He has made contact with several students at Arizona Christian University where I volunteer too. There is a team going to Japan this summer from there.  So we are excited about that too.

God is blessing us and using us in His Kingdom work for which we are very thankful. We are thankful for all the ways He uses us.

May God bless you today too!

Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers