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Some more ways God is caring for us

June 5, 2018

When we left hot and humid Michigan and drove to Ohio to see friends.. we realized that the truck’s air conditioning had stopped working! Well, we both looked at each other and said “it was hotter in Brazil” and opened our windows and kept driving.

When we stopped for lunch Kent was able to locate a dealership and they would look at the truck the next morning so once we were parked. We visited Doug and Jo and told them… they prayed and God answered all of our prayers!

The truck repair place said IF it would be less than 4 hours, they could fix it. And they were able to!

Yeah! The last few days in the summer heat and humidity was much more comfortable! Thanks for praying and thank you God!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Truck issues

May 5, 2018

Yes, our semi truck which pulls our RV house is still in the shop! It is over a week ago that we had to have our truck towed to a repair place.

So we took off for Denver and thought for sure it would be fixed when we got back… they thought it was! We got in and we’re going down the road when Kent turned around.. our brakes were not working properly! We have to have them working the way they should. So they have been looking for the problem… and we have to be patient until they find the issue!!!

“Man plans his steps BUT God directs our ways ” and we do WANT GOD to direct our paths!

Thanks for your prayers!

Jan the not so roaming Reimer now

A little rest and change in plans

May 3, 2018

Kent had planned for us to “rest” for a bit after the last few hectic weeks! After leaving his aunt’s place we went to some BLM land that anyone can park on for free for up to 14 days. We have parked in BLM land near here before but not this place. As he pulled off the road so early in the day, I asked what he had in mind…and he told me ” A few days of rest!” I was elated! As I was feeling pretty tired too.

Our camping place:

Now when we ” camp” like this, it usually means reading a lot (Kent read 4 books and me two one of which was really big!) and minimal meals and sometimes Kent even cooks over our fire… But rest! I also wanted to burn some old papers. So a fire was a must one day. We only had one once because of the wind most days.

Our fire:

We also met another couple camping there and had them over for some conversation. We meet some of the most interesting people.

Well, because it had been soooo hot in Phoenix (nearly 100 degrees) I had not baked Kent any cookies for a long that was one of my goals as well.

So we had three quiet days..and then the fourth day was very windy. Well, our rig doesn’t do well in high winds soo, we got to stay put another day.

So on the 5th day though, we were anxious to get on the road… we were all ready to pull out when Kent said there is something wrong with my truck… opps!

We do have mobile truck service and so called them. Thankfully we were only 10 miles from Flagstaff. If this had happened the next day, we would have been hundreds of miles from the nearest big city to find a truck repair place. So right away, Kent unhooked the RV house and left me to be there while he tried to get the help our truck needed. After several hours, Kent came back with a tow truck and they towed the truck back to town for repairs. Kent looked up some old friends and they got me and they hosted us for the evening meal, which was very sweet of them.

Kent went back to the truck repair place and realized that the truck wasn’t going to be fixed that day, so we went back to our RV house for the night. The next day, after a few hours of waiting for parts to come and be installed, we realized that the truck wouldn’t be done soon. We had to get to Denver for Kent to fly out to Portland, Oregon… so. We found someone to tow our RV house to a safe place for about a week. The truck repair facility was willing to allow us to park it there, so that was where someone so kind, towed it for us for FREE.

We felt God surrounding us with Christians to encourage us! We make our plans BUT GOD directs our steps… so our plans had to change and we were looking for why God had directed us to make different plans.

Watch for the next blog….


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A visit to a Yak farm

September 5, 2017

Yes, a Yak farm. Until recently I couldn’t have told you what a Yak was but… now I know. I have a cousin…Patti and her husband that live on the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington for several years now. Steve has a job that he can do a lot of it from a home office. His wife Patti  is the daughter of a first cousin of mine. They own about 20 acres and first got some goats…and chickens but eventually got some Yaks and are raising them and they do sell some as well. When we told my neice Jana about going to the Yak farm she wanted to come too. Patti is a cousin of hers too! So we all enjoyed the farm!

Patti gave us the grand tour around the farm. They also have Pygora goats, two Alpacas, chickens and ducks and some dogs. Now Patti as showed us around she also told us a lot of about Yaks… They raise Yaks as apparently they have a nicer temperament than beef but you can eat the meat, you can use the hair for fiber in several ways and you can also use their milk. So very versatile. Patti glows when she talks about her animals and calls them by name and uses, animal heathy “cookies” to coax them to come and see us. We could see that they were a little reluctant to come to clos to us at first but eventually even Jana was able to feed a mother Yak,  a cookie.

It was a fun time meeting these interesting animals and seeing my cousin doing so well.  I praise God for how He has lead Patti and Steve to do this and to love the farm life that they wanted to do. May God continue to encourage you both and give you much wisdom in dealing with these interesting animals.

Click on link  for more pictures :


jan com the Roaming Reimer’s


Feeling much better and some good news

April 23, 2017

Some of the flowers we received to cheer us up! They all did!! And pictures of Ivan encouraging grandma too!

What a difference two weeks from surgery can make! I do feel so much improvement and each day feeling stronger. Kara and Ivan were such a help! Kara worked so hard to take care of Kent and I and even left a lot food easy to prepare in our frig or freezer. Ivan is a joy wherever he is and then even our son-in-law Nick came for a few days and we were all together for Easter!

We did go back to my surgeon on April 19th. I must say that it seemed like it was a long time to wait for these results…but of course we were a bit anxious. We had much good news! There is NO cancer in the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, nor lymph nodes!!! And the cancer had only penetrated less than 50% of the uterus! That is the good news! Also over 90% of women with this kind of cancer when it presents with nothing in the ovaries etc, are cured and no cancer comes back for the rest of their lives. That is a high percentage!

BUT before surgery my Dr had done a pelvic wash and then extracted that and also sent that to the lab…that came back with cancer cells in it! So while I was absorbing the good news, I felt a bit wary. What does that mean? First,  my Dr will send it to another lab for second pathologists look at it. A second opinion. And then we will see.  We await those results which will be given to us on May 2nd. Please pray with us that this result is a good one?

I will have to be monitored every three months for several years. But another bit of good news is that my Dr has a friend that is also an gynecological oncologist in the Seattle area. So we can still go north and continue to take care of my health as well.

We must say that we are feeling pretty positive still, with just a little concern. But we are making plans to go north and very glad to as well. Here in Phoenix it is HOT nearly 100 this past week and we are ready to go and see some green and cooler temps of the Pacific Northwest. Just recently Kent and I were asked to go and help a church in the Seattle area…. so that is very promising. Also we have some dear friends who have offered for us to stay on their property at the base of Mt Rainier… What a wonderful way to spend the summer!

We’d appreciate your continued prayers! And we so much appreciate all prayers and notes, emails, calls etc but we want you to know we feel God’ s hand on us through all of this! Thank you for standing behind us and for your love and concern!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A major change in plans

June 14, 2016

My husband Kent and I were busy doing things around our RV house on Saturday evening. I told Kent that I would go inside and start getting dinner. He was washing windows on our RV, on a 8 ft ladder . Well, I decided to clean up first and then I hear a loud “Thump” and Kent groaning. When I looked out I saw Kent flat on his back on the ground. Yikes!!  I ran out to him, asking him to remain where he was as I could see his head was bleeding and I was concerned about broken bones, head injuries etc! He was writhing in pain and didn’t really hear me. I ran and got my phone and dialed 911, and as I was telling them where we were,  Kent started to get up from the ground. So I told the operator I had to go and help Kent.

So Kent decided he was well enough for me to take him to the Emergency Room. So that is what I did! They got him a wheel chair immediately and triaged him pretty quickly, got him back to a room. He was talking and answering all of their questions so they thought he was fine. After about 3 hours and X-rays, then a CAT scan, because his side seemed to hurt more than they thought it should. They were checking organs too. So the doctors decided he only had 4 broken ribs and bruised and battered body. They decided to keep him in the hospital overnight as he was in a lot of pain and for observation.

We were praising God and the good medical team that checked Kent out! There could have been a lot worse things had happened because of this fall. Anyway, the fall and resultant broken ribs changed our plans for the next couple of weeks. We were going to move to Boise, Idaho area tomorrow. Now we aren’t moving and we are still praising God for his protection.

Here is a picture that I took a few months ago when Kent was working  on our solar panels on the roof of our RV. He walked so confidently on this roof! We will be extremely careful in doing this again.


Kent is slowly improving and we are also glad for some strong medicines to help his pain right now.

Grateful to God for His protection and good doctors! And this nice view from his hospital room of Mount Adams.

Jan for the Roaming( not right now ) Reimers

Settled into the Northwest

May 20, 2016

We have been in south central Washington now for several weeks. Kent is working with a church here and is has been exciting to see the way God is using them already. Kent is meeting the leaders and we are both attending several small groups to get to know more people. We have seldom felt such a warm welcome!

Our Rv house is parked on a small farm with 2 horses, a steer, 3 chickens and a cat which we are very much enjoying.




Our hosts Bill and Lynn that have a beautiful house, barn and land and they have allowed us to park in the midst of their little farm. We are greatly enjoying getting to know them and their family. They are also a wealth of information about the community and the church.  We are very grateful for this lovely place to park for now it reminds us of our upbringing on farms.

Thankful to our hosts and our Lord!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers




A bittersweet day

March 31, 2015

Today was my last day. Yes, I knew it was coming but even so I find that I am a little sad at this day ending. I have worked for the last 8 winters at Arizona Christian University, although it was called Southwestern College when I started there. ACU is located in Phoenix, Arizona and it a small Christian University. They have expanded a ton over the past years and now offer all kinds of degree programs.


8 years ago when I started working here I had no idea what the job would eventually entail. Here’s the “rest of my story” about this job.

First of all, I was actually a volunteer here for these past 8 winters. That started when my husband Kent and I parked our RV house on the campus along with several other volunteer couples. That first year Kent was to teach a course at the college and then take some students to Africa for a true missions experience, Even though never happened. Kent helped out at several events that first winter as well as being part of a missions conference that the school held for several years.

I started out by walking around the campus and seeing flower boxes that need tending. I asked if I could “dead head” the flowers. “I was told, ” Yes, anything you want to do , go ahead.” I also added some flowers that first year as the other flowers looked so pitiful. Well, that was the way I got my job. People started calling me the “Flower Lady” and the name and the job kind of fit.

The college allowed us volunteers to stay on the campus for certain hours of work for them.


When the baseball field was put in we had to move as we were sitting on the place where the field was going to be built. So those that wanted to stay working for the school moved to a Mobile home community nearby and we were still able to volunteer at the college.

I have enjoyed the work of beautifying this campus. ACU is situated on about 9 acres. But when the flowers didn’t need attention I would look for bushes to trim and other jobs. I helped with painting projects or cleaning up the shop area etc.


But my love was always for the flowers. Each winter as I returned I had to replant the flowers as they had died in the summer heat.

The pots when I returned looked like this.



But I would get out my tools, my wheelbarrow and my bucket and go to work and plant new little plants.





Then I would tend those little plants and make sure they got enough water and fertilizing when needed. You can see they were happy plants.



And they would grow


Here they were especially pretty


Even when I was away from ACU, I would be studying how to make it more beautiful. This winter I was particularly excited to help get this herb garden put in for the kitchen. The managers of the kitchen Mary and Keith were also excited about it and so they actually did the planting. I am sure they will care for it.



I have enjoyed the relationships that I have made over the years, with students, staff and other volunteers. I will try to keep in touch but I know that when we make a move it changes these relationships. Here a pic of some of the volunteers that have worked together for most of these 8 years. It has been a joy to know these wonderful Christian friends and co-workers

Rachel, Dick, Peter, Marlene, Jan, Kent 2012 002IMG_0011

I am happiest when I can work in the flowers and see them flourish. Over the years I have added many bushes that are doing well and that also gives me pleasure. Almost every day would find me by these planters in front of the dining hall as they needed the most care.


So after 8 winters, I am leaving as we will be locating in another part of Phoenix next winter to get more involved in a church that we have started attending there. I am not sure what God has in mind for me to do next winter but I have known that He has wanted me to move on to something else. So it is with mixed emotions that I said goodbye today. I will miss the relationships with those I have come to love.

May God Bless all of you that I have come to know and love at ACU. And may God bless ACU.


With Love and gratitude,

Jan “The Flower Lady”

for the Roaming Reimers

Preserving food, yes in my RV house

November 10, 2014

So I am sitting in my nice warm RV house and looking out the window there is snow falling on us here in Denver. It doesn’t look like much will stick but it is our first snow storm in several years.

So I have some time (since I am not going anywhere in the 27 degree weather outside, brrrr) to tell you about some of the other things that I have been doing lately.

When we arrived in Denver to be with Kara and Nick until their baby arrives, Kara had some apples that had been given to her. It seems her sister-in-law has a tree on her property that was fairly tall. So they had harvested the ones easier to reach. So she and I got busy and made some apple chutney. It was delicious. It had some jalapeno pepper in it so had a little bit of a kick to it.

Then I wanted some jars of applesauce although she had already made some for them, she made some for Kent and I. We made that in her new Vitamix food processor and boy was I impressed! That tool is amazing! That was the easiest applesauce I ever made, because the tool did most of it.

There were still apples left and I wanted to make some apple pie filling and can it. Well, Kara got busy one day without me and had all those apples finished off. BUT Nick climbed that apple tree and got me some more apples so I could make some apple pie filling. It was my first attempt so I did learn some things that I would do differently but here is the pictures and my end product.

So for those people that do not know anything about apples and canning…I will tell you my whole process. First, you have to have wash the jars and rings with new sealing lids in detergent and rinse carefully. Next they need to be sterilized. If you have a dishwasher you can do it there, but since I do not have one of those, I do it the old fashioned way in pots of water on top of the stove.

Jars in boiling water, Usually I place them upside down but since there were just a few they turned sideways.


New sealing lids and rings also in boiling water. I always put the sealing lids like this so the rubber part isn’t on the bottom of the pan.


These need to boil for 10 minutes.

But before you put the water to boil the jars, you need to process the apples. First, wash them in water and then peel, core and slice them.


I added my spices and 3 T lemon juice at this point. So 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg on top of the apples for nice color and delicious taste. The lemon juice helps to keep apples looking nice as well as adding a nice tart taste.


Next you need to make your syrup.

10 cups of water, 4 1/2 cups white sugar. 1 cup cornstarch, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1 teaspoon of salt. In a large cooking pot, mix all together and cook until bubbly and thick.

Now have your sterilized jars ready and hot. Have the syrup cooked and hot..and fill the jars with raw apples, fill them up… then pour hot syrup over the apples to 1 inch of top. Continue until you use up all the apples and syrup.

Some of the other tools that I used. Lemon Juice, cinnamon, and cornstarch and sugar.


Now you need to have a large pot for doing the water bath processing. So place jars in the water and make sure the tops of jars are covered with at least 1 inch of water. Bring to a boil(this may take a while with a large pot of water…) and boil for at least 20 minutes. Since I was doing this in Denver I had realized that I needed to boil for 10 minutes longer due to the altitude here.

So when you are done, remove hot jars from the hot water. The best way to do this is to use a special tool. Thankfully Kara has one. It is that long metal thing in the front in the picture. It has a rubberized gripping stuff on it to hold onto your jars as you pull them out of the boiling water.


Be careful as you remove the hot jars from the hot water. I always place the hot jars on a kitchen towel out of a draft. Then listen for the Popping sound of the lids as they seal. I usually find myself counting the pops in hopes they all seal. Yes mine did!!!

Here is my end product of Apple Pie Filling.


When you want an apple pie, make a pie crust and put at least one quart of pie filling (depending on how full your pie needs to be.) Put on the top crust and bake at 400 degrees for close to an hour. Watch for the crust to get a light brown. You will need to make slits in a full crust.

This can also be used to make apple streusel, apple crisp, apple tart whatever apple dessert you want to make.

I made this three times. After the first time I changed a few things. First, in the apple pie filling, when making the syrup I added the apples to the syrup and made them all hot before placing in the jars. I did like this better and feel it turned out.

The other change is that I threw out all the apple peelings the first time. I decided I would put the less desirable apples with the peelings and cook them all and make applesauce out of all of that. Yes, it was more work but I was glad to do it. I got applesauce that before would have been thrown out. So I felt better about all of that and am enjoying the good taste. This applesauce was much redder with all of the peelings. I again used my handy mini stick blender to puree the apples after thoroughly cooking them. I also added spices to my taste.


I do think every time I do a recipe I sort of look for ways to “tweak it.” I am sure that you will too.

Now you know what I did on one day last week. We have already used some of the apple pie filling and eaten some of the applesauce too. YUM!

Here is the end result of all of that day. 7 quarts of Apple Pie Filling and 2 quarts and 4 pints of applesauce.


Deliciously finished!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2013 Year in review

January 23, 2014

We so enjoy what we are doing in ministry and life. Here are some of the highlights of this past year for you to praise God with us for His many blessings.

January 2013

We flew to Denver to be at the new installation of our mission’s new President. We love Jeff and are so glad that he was chosen and he is doing a good job for the mission.


One of the other blessing of going to Denver is that we get to see our daughter Kara and her husband Nick. We went to the Celestial Seasoning Tea company and had a tour. I love teas and we got to try as many as we wanted of their teas.



Life and work in Phoenix. Kent coached a ton of people this spring. Most of his coachees are going full time. So there is a lot of excitement and hard work in these new missionary candidates. I continue to volunteer at Arizona Christian University in gardening. Here is what my flowers looked like.


We also had some long time friends visit in February with their 4 dogs.



Kent and I represented WorldVenture at Biola University in Los Angeles area. What a good week of mission connections. We met a ton of students interested in serving the Lord in missions.


We also got to re-connect with a first cousin of Kent’s and two couples that are friends and have been ministry partners for 30 years . We are so grateful for friends like this.



Besides the ongoing ministry and volunteer responsibilities in April,  we flew once again to Portland, Oregon for a Mission Pastors and wives retreat.


While we were there we also got to see Kent’s only sister Leann and husband Ken.  Fun times.



We had the great privilege to go to Great Britain and see so much of it. This was an especially “looked forward to” trip. Kent and I have thought of going there for over 10 years.  When my (Jan’s) mother’s estate was settled and using free flights because of flight miles, well it made it possible. What a very special time it was! We were there for our 38th Wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday. I felt her presence as we so enjoyed it all. As a last gift to me(and Kent) from her. Very, very treasured times!

We so many things. Three highlights from that trip are:  We met some very special people. Here is one of the couples: Ivette and Jeff  that celebrated their 30th anniversary on our bus tour together.


We got to go to “Evening prayers” at Westminster Abbey in London. Awesome building and service too. No pictures inside during the service but here is one from outside.


We also saw loads of flowers. Lots of gardens that were free and flowers everywhere. This was taken at the garden outside of Kensington Palace. Beautiful!



We traveled in our RV house to the east coast to visit and thank all the wonderful, faithful ministry partners that we have had for 35 years. We started out in Arizona and had stops in Colorado, Nebraska,  Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We saw Kara our daughter as we passed through Denver  and also we had a week with our son Josh , Teresa and 7 year old Silas.



We got to see tons of supporters and dear long time friends that we love.



Kent preaching in a supporting church.


We parked our RV house in PA for July and August and took our little car for trips to in Northern PA, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Kent was speaking every Sunday and one Sunday four times on a Sunday morning.


We were able to get to see all the people who sponsor us financially and many others as well. Kent was still coaching new missionaries as well.  He had meetings with several that are potential candidates for the mission as well.

Here is a long time friend who was a missionary from age 65 -90. She is living in PA now and closer to family. We went out to lunch and had some fun time laughing.

2013-08-07 13.01.59

In July we also got to re-connect with some long time friends of my (Jan’s) family. My family has known this family since before I was born. Many of them got together when we were able to visit with them in New Jersey. One family hosted us in their “shore” house which thankfully was still standing after Storm Sandy. It was a privilege to see this family again. Here I am in the middle of the gathering.



After visiting many supporters  the end of August found us moving our RV house to Kentucky. We got to park at Kent’s brother’s business in rural Kentucky. We so enjoyed seeing their family over Labor Day weekend and seeing Kent’s brother more as we came and went. Here is Ron and his family.



We again left our RV parked and went in our car to see supporters in Southern Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, and North Carolina on a really good trip.




 We also got to see some newer friends that we met who also used to live in a RV and now live in a new house in North Carolina.


New Experience  in September

I(Jan) then set off for a first time experience. I flew to New Hampshire to share at a Ladies retreat. I have flown with Kent before but never have I done that all on my own.  I know that God used what I shared in the lives of those ladies as many came and talked with me afterwards.  God used this sharing in my life more than I can say for me as well. I came home tired but renewed too!

From this picture you can see that Camp Monadnock is not the only camp on this road.

The scenery and history of this area also was a treat to experience.



Another trip in September

The next week both of us flew to Denver for meetings with our SouthWest Team. That was a fun and productive time as well. Flying back to our RV house we then packed up and moved the RV through St Louis and on to Kansas City, Missouri. That was the last week of September.


We parked our RV house again on a friend’s side yard. We had lived in KC for 9 years so had lots of friends to catch up with. We had some very special visits with these long time friends from the first night parked here.



Another Flying trip in October

We also flew to Portland, Oregon for two different conferences.  Kent was interviewed at teh one conference. Also we got to see Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken while at these conferences. We even had one day to go and enjoy the sunshine and see Mt Hood in the background.



In addition we went to visit Kent’s parents in Washington as well. We got to help with gardening and lawn mowing and whatever they needed.  We got to see Kent’s niece and her new house.


We had our second conference to be a part of. This is one that we have been a part of  for the past few years called Seattle Mission Fest. Many of the churches of Seattle come together to hold an all city mission conference. It was a good conference. Then flying bak to our RV house in Kansas City, MO. We were able to connect with some more old time friends.



Fall colors starting to show.

We had said goodbye but that night it rained a long hard rain..and we were parked on grass and felt we should stay put for at least a day with out rain for things to dry out a bit. And that day was my birthday…so we went around KC doing all kinds of things for free! I was grateful we didn’t have to move on my birthday, this was way more fun!



We went to visit a first cousin of Kent’s in Arkansas. That was a fun visit. We have not seen her for over 30 years. The fall color was beautiful as we drove through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Panhandle of Texas and New Mexico and finally arriving in Phoenix on November 12th.



As we then wound our way towards Phoenix, AZ. We arrived on November 12th. But several days before we got a call from Kent’s sister that Mom and Dad Reimer had been in a car accident. They were in the hospital and Mom in ICU. After three weeks they were both home. We were so grateful. Our daughter Kara went to help them and sister LeAnn and was there for three weeks. Here is a picture of them after while recuperating at home.



Kent and I were back in the same place to park our Rv in Phoenix.Kent started back full time coaching and I started doing the volunteer gardening at Arizona Christian University.  We were very glad to be settled for awhile.

For Christmas all our family went to Denver where Kara and Nick hosted us. We all had a GREAT family time together. We spoiled 8 year old Silas and just enjoyed hanging out together.




We are so grateful for the wonderful blessed year that we have had. We pray that you have a wonderful 2014.

Love Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers