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I am so proud of my husband!!! Look what he and his friend did!!!

July 29, 2015

Yes, I am  very proud of Kent and our friend Phil as they tackled something that I could only be sooo awestruck about. What am I talking about? I will tell you!

Our RV is a big fifth wheel towed by a BIG truck. In fact our truck is a old Walmart Semi truck. When we bought it we had some modifications made on it to make it easier for us. Now Kent had been thinking for several years about doing a serious modification on our truck! He wanted to do this with our friend that we have known since we lived in Alaska, Phil. So Kent has been researching for years to learn much about this. He wanted to lengthen our truck’s frame and move the axel back to make room for a small car on the truck…and only one small car would fit and that was the Smart car.

So for you to realize how big of a project this was..let me show you what our truck used to look like.



Now you can see the truck and small platform and the boxes and bikes etc as it was before any alteration. This was the way it has looked the past 8 years.

We have some dear friends that live in Oregon. Phil has been a welder and has a shop for this kind of project. He also has engineering abilities and ideas to help as well as connections in his town with like minded people that could help.  Jeannie was kind enough to feed Kent lunch throughout this process even while she had 2 family deaths and surgery herself. THANKS Jeannie!!

The first thing for us to do was to trade in our little Suzuki for a Smart car, because only the SmartforTwo is short enough to do this kind of a carry on our truck.  We did that in December..and here is the Smart. Also here is the little car “talking” to the BIG truck.

image   IMG_2263

So in moving to Oregon I drove our SmartCar all the way up from Phoenix. Not a problem, it drives great.

Now for the mechanics that see this…I am NOT a mechanic and so this explanation will be from my perspective not that of a mechanic. IF after you see this blog and you have Questions…you would have to contact Kent.

First the guys took everything off the truck frame, Kent’s aluminum boxes for his tools, air compressor and miscellaneous things he needed. Also our bikes were on the truck  and the trucks fenders.  All of these things are here waiting to be put back on.   Here is all the stuff sitting next to the truck … and also the truck frame empty and ready for the work. Note our friend Phil’s wonderful large shop area where the truck could be worked on in the shade or out of the rain.


So after stripping the truck of all the stuff, they could get to the project. They had to add 3 feet to the truck’s frame, which also meant adding 4 feet of drive line because of moving the axel back 4 feet as well.  This was when it was all apart and for me, looking a bit scary… BUT I did trust Kent and Phil to put it back together…


Here you can see the new driveline laying on top,  getting ready to be installed.  And Phil and Kent conferring on the next steps to do.

image2    IMG_2434


Then they made a platform for the car to rest on as we travel down the road. Here Phil is measuring for the car platform  with the ramps laying alongside.


Here Phil’s backhoe holds the platform as they are getting ready to check to see if is was ready for the painting.

image5     IMG_2051

This they also painted and then placed it on the truck and bolted and welded it on. Here Phil is painting the car’s platform and (Kent is behind the camera here), and then the platform is ready for attaching to the truck.

IMG_2589     IMG_2592

Here is the truck with the additional frame attached. They also have the platform on the truck at this point.


On the passenger’s side of the platform,  they made tire chalks to keep the tires from moving when riding on the back of the truck.  They made “holders for the tires as well.


They had to put on a reciever to put the winch motor in. The winch is that part that is sticking up ,but the winch motor would be stowed in one of the boxes when going down the road. They had to make a hitch for the winch to pull the car up. Yes it is a little bump on an additional rod that is attached to the car’s bumper. Notice you can see where the winch motor is attached to the car’s bumper.


The ramps for the car we had purchased to hold a bit more than what our car weighs, 1800 lbs. So the ramps can hold 2,000 lbs each. So plenty of strength there.  They also had to re-bolt/re-attach all the parts that they had taken off. They had to remake some of the boxes to fit in new places. They also changed where some of the bigger boxes were so some of that needed some adjustments. You can see some of the boxes back in place here.


Next they had to figure out where to put the ramps when going down the road… and to keep them from moving around so as not to scratch anything. Here they are stowing the ramps under the car. Kent then uses bungie cords to hold them in place.


Here is the car on the truck for the first time. Now they had to figure out if there were any problems to be worked out. If any it wasn’t many. Great job guys!!


And every time something didn’t work they way they thought..they would go back and look at it and try to figure out a new way. Both of these guys have an engineering mind and it was amazing to watch them work out these things.

Finally they tried the whole thing out.  Watch this video to see how the first test went. I must say it was EXCITING and Scary all at the same time!!! You have to go to Vimeo to see the video.

Here is the link:

Here is what we look like all hooked up with truck and Rv and car.


I just stood there amazed at how it all had come together… But I am very proud of Kent and Phil too for this is quite an engineering feat!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A bittersweet day

March 31, 2015

Today was my last day. Yes, I knew it was coming but even so I find that I am a little sad at this day ending. I have worked for the last 8 winters at Arizona Christian University, although it was called Southwestern College when I started there. ACU is located in Phoenix, Arizona and it a small Christian University. They have expanded a ton over the past years and now offer all kinds of degree programs.


8 years ago when I started working here I had no idea what the job would eventually entail. Here’s the “rest of my story” about this job.

First of all, I was actually a volunteer here for these past 8 winters. That started when my husband Kent and I parked our RV house on the campus along with several other volunteer couples. That first year Kent was to teach a course at the college and then take some students to Africa for a true missions experience, Even though never happened. Kent helped out at several events that first winter as well as being part of a missions conference that the school held for several years.

I started out by walking around the campus and seeing flower boxes that need tending. I asked if I could “dead head” the flowers. “I was told, ” Yes, anything you want to do , go ahead.” I also added some flowers that first year as the other flowers looked so pitiful. Well, that was the way I got my job. People started calling me the “Flower Lady” and the name and the job kind of fit.

The college allowed us volunteers to stay on the campus for certain hours of work for them.


When the baseball field was put in we had to move as we were sitting on the place where the field was going to be built. So those that wanted to stay working for the school moved to a Mobile home community nearby and we were still able to volunteer at the college.

I have enjoyed the work of beautifying this campus. ACU is situated on about 9 acres. But when the flowers didn’t need attention I would look for bushes to trim and other jobs. I helped with painting projects or cleaning up the shop area etc.


But my love was always for the flowers. Each winter as I returned I had to replant the flowers as they had died in the summer heat.

The pots when I returned looked like this.



But I would get out my tools, my wheelbarrow and my bucket and go to work and plant new little plants.





Then I would tend those little plants and make sure they got enough water and fertilizing when needed. You can see they were happy plants.



And they would grow


Here they were especially pretty


Even when I was away from ACU, I would be studying how to make it more beautiful. This winter I was particularly excited to help get this herb garden put in for the kitchen. The managers of the kitchen Mary and Keith were also excited about it and so they actually did the planting. I am sure they will care for it.



I have enjoyed the relationships that I have made over the years, with students, staff and other volunteers. I will try to keep in touch but I know that when we make a move it changes these relationships. Here a pic of some of the volunteers that have worked together for most of these 8 years. It has been a joy to know these wonderful Christian friends and co-workers

Rachel, Dick, Peter, Marlene, Jan, Kent 2012 002IMG_0011

I am happiest when I can work in the flowers and see them flourish. Over the years I have added many bushes that are doing well and that also gives me pleasure. Almost every day would find me by these planters in front of the dining hall as they needed the most care.


So after 8 winters, I am leaving as we will be locating in another part of Phoenix next winter to get more involved in a church that we have started attending there. I am not sure what God has in mind for me to do next winter but I have known that He has wanted me to move on to something else. So it is with mixed emotions that I said goodbye today. I will miss the relationships with those I have come to love.

May God Bless all of you that I have come to know and love at ACU. And may God bless ACU.


With Love and gratitude,

Jan “The Flower Lady”

for the Roaming Reimers

Preserving food, yes in my RV house

November 10, 2014

So I am sitting in my nice warm RV house and looking out the window there is snow falling on us here in Denver. It doesn’t look like much will stick but it is our first snow storm in several years.

So I have some time (since I am not going anywhere in the 27 degree weather outside, brrrr) to tell you about some of the other things that I have been doing lately.

When we arrived in Denver to be with Kara and Nick until their baby arrives, Kara had some apples that had been given to her. It seems her sister-in-law has a tree on her property that was fairly tall. So they had harvested the ones easier to reach. So she and I got busy and made some apple chutney. It was delicious. It had some jalapeno pepper in it so had a little bit of a kick to it.

Then I wanted some jars of applesauce although she had already made some for them, she made some for Kent and I. We made that in her new Vitamix food processor and boy was I impressed! That tool is amazing! That was the easiest applesauce I ever made, because the tool did most of it.

There were still apples left and I wanted to make some apple pie filling and can it. Well, Kara got busy one day without me and had all those apples finished off. BUT Nick climbed that apple tree and got me some more apples so I could make some apple pie filling. It was my first attempt so I did learn some things that I would do differently but here is the pictures and my end product.

So for those people that do not know anything about apples and canning…I will tell you my whole process. First, you have to have wash the jars and rings with new sealing lids in detergent and rinse carefully. Next they need to be sterilized. If you have a dishwasher you can do it there, but since I do not have one of those, I do it the old fashioned way in pots of water on top of the stove.

Jars in boiling water, Usually I place them upside down but since there were just a few they turned sideways.


New sealing lids and rings also in boiling water. I always put the sealing lids like this so the rubber part isn’t on the bottom of the pan.


These need to boil for 10 minutes.

But before you put the water to boil the jars, you need to process the apples. First, wash them in water and then peel, core and slice them.


I added my spices and 3 T lemon juice at this point. So 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg on top of the apples for nice color and delicious taste. The lemon juice helps to keep apples looking nice as well as adding a nice tart taste.


Next you need to make your syrup.

10 cups of water, 4 1/2 cups white sugar. 1 cup cornstarch, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1 teaspoon of salt. In a large cooking pot, mix all together and cook until bubbly and thick.

Now have your sterilized jars ready and hot. Have the syrup cooked and hot..and fill the jars with raw apples, fill them up… then pour hot syrup over the apples to 1 inch of top. Continue until you use up all the apples and syrup.

Some of the other tools that I used. Lemon Juice, cinnamon, and cornstarch and sugar.


Now you need to have a large pot for doing the water bath processing. So place jars in the water and make sure the tops of jars are covered with at least 1 inch of water. Bring to a boil(this may take a while with a large pot of water…) and boil for at least 20 minutes. Since I was doing this in Denver I had realized that I needed to boil for 10 minutes longer due to the altitude here.

So when you are done, remove hot jars from the hot water. The best way to do this is to use a special tool. Thankfully Kara has one. It is that long metal thing in the front in the picture. It has a rubberized gripping stuff on it to hold onto your jars as you pull them out of the boiling water.


Be careful as you remove the hot jars from the hot water. I always place the hot jars on a kitchen towel out of a draft. Then listen for the Popping sound of the lids as they seal. I usually find myself counting the pops in hopes they all seal. Yes mine did!!!

Here is my end product of Apple Pie Filling.


When you want an apple pie, make a pie crust and put at least one quart of pie filling (depending on how full your pie needs to be.) Put on the top crust and bake at 400 degrees for close to an hour. Watch for the crust to get a light brown. You will need to make slits in a full crust.

This can also be used to make apple streusel, apple crisp, apple tart whatever apple dessert you want to make.

I made this three times. After the first time I changed a few things. First, in the apple pie filling, when making the syrup I added the apples to the syrup and made them all hot before placing in the jars. I did like this better and feel it turned out.

The other change is that I threw out all the apple peelings the first time. I decided I would put the less desirable apples with the peelings and cook them all and make applesauce out of all of that. Yes, it was more work but I was glad to do it. I got applesauce that before would have been thrown out. So I felt better about all of that and am enjoying the good taste. This applesauce was much redder with all of the peelings. I again used my handy mini stick blender to puree the apples after thoroughly cooking them. I also added spices to my taste.


I do think every time I do a recipe I sort of look for ways to “tweak it.” I am sure that you will too.

Now you know what I did on one day last week. We have already used some of the apple pie filling and eaten some of the applesauce too. YUM!

Here is the end result of all of that day. 7 quarts of Apple Pie Filling and 2 quarts and 4 pints of applesauce.


Deliciously finished!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Seattle Mission Fest and visiting our former church

October 18, 2014

We left Mom and Dad Reimer’s house and drove to Seattle. We spent the weekend in Seattle at the Mission conference that is held yearly. This is a fun conference. In fact, a few years ago I really felt God speak to me as this particular conference, so it is a special one to go to.


The fall colors were out and right in front of the church it was so pretty. Just had to take a picture.


Kent and I and two colleagues from WorldVenture were there. Ginny(on far right) and Kent both did Seminars. And Kent asked Adrienne(second from right) to join with him as well. Kent is always good at the booth answering questions and just a good listener too.


Mobile upload from Doug Hazen at 10-13-12, 3-45 PM

I also was able to catch up with some missionary friends that we have known for a long time.Thier oldest daughter and our daughter Kara are good friends too. So it was fun to catch up with each other during one of the breaks.

Sunday morning we packed up our Rv house and went down the road to Issaquah, WA. We had attended Living Hope Bible Church the two summers that we were parked at Sambica Camp. Since then they have moved into a church building as they had been meeting in a school for many years. The building is so nice for them and the church body is growing. We had not been able to stop and see them for about 2 years. So it was a wonderful time to see everyone and hear what God was doing in their lives.There were several new babies that we got to see too. That was fun as well! It was a blessed visit!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers
Stay tuned as we are back on the road…Travels ahead

Our next stop was Kent’s parent’s place

October 14, 2014

We moved from near Portland, to further north to where Kent’s parents live. We moved here over a month ago.

When we first arrived..there was a big pile of brush from dad having had the huge maple tree trimmed. We worked for several days removing that brush.




All brush gone and the grass can grow again.

I have been helping dad outside. With trimming bushes, harvesting in the garden, having meals together and having some good visits.
Some garden produce about to be made into dinner. Yum!


We went to Mt Baker one sunny day as well.



Dad and Mom have raised Dahlia flowers for years now. This years crop wasn’t as big but so pretty. I took some in to grace our table for dinner

Here are some in the garden.

We had a good month helping mom and dad. But watch for the final event!

Love, Jan from the Roaming Reimers

Leaving Portland area.

October 13, 2014

We had such a good summer here. We enjoyed the small Mobile home park where we lived for the summer that had some spaces for RVs. We got to know a good number of people there and in fact about 15 people were out there waving to us as we left. Sweet!

Here is what our site looked like when we arrived… I had to add some flowers to that empty space…


so here is the end result.


I even grew a tomato plant that grew taller then myself.. Good tomatoes too!

I spent about half of the summer helping Kent’s sister in her house.

We got most of her house packed up and also did outside chores as well.
Here is LeAnn tackling the blackberries that grow wild here. I helped but I had to get a picture too!

The guys knocked down the popcorn ceiling


Making it nice and smooth for a new coat of paint. IMG_0918

I cleaned up what fell around the tarp.

I did some work around dad and mom’s house too but not as much as Leann’s this summer. Here is dad and his garden about the middle of the summer.

So about a month ago we moved on to the next stop along the road, that is about 5 hours north to Kent’s parents place.

It was a good summer living in the Portland area.

Jan for the roaming Reimers

Birthday and gardening

July 9, 2014

My husband Kent’s father turned 93 last week. Wow! Dad R looks so good. He still has a huge garden. They eat out of it and share some with us but dad has a ministry of his own. He grows lots of vegetables for the local food bank. He really loves doing this. Maybe that is the reason he is doing so well at 93 years old. Kent’s sister LeAnn and I were there to help celebrate dad’s birthday.

Here is his cake. IMG_0733


Dad had said a few weeks ago that he wanted a yellow rose. So I set out to get him one. We found one at a nursery not to far from their home. We got  it and dad was going to plant it. I will have to see it when we next go for a visit and to help them.

Kent has been very busy administering the NorthWest office. He helps in managing the staff and visiting pastors and candidates. There are lots of meetings and phone calls as well. It had been quite a different summer for him but he is enjoying the change too.


I still have my little garden and it is growing. We have even eaten out of the lettuce and spinach even though the leaves are pretty small. Small but delicious. My flower garden had nothing in it when I moved here. Looking pretty. IMG_6957


This week I had time to go to the neighborhood coffee time on Thursday.  I am slowly getting to know more neighbors. Most of the folks here are a bit older and have limited economic means. It seems to be a place where a positive word is always needed. I try to do that and give a testimony to God as well.

Kent’s sister LeAnn and her husband Ken have a house about 5 miles from where Kent’s parents live. LeAnn and Ken want to sell this house. So us girls have gone a few times to see the parents but to work on their house.   IMG_0717

First we did weeding and mowing, then more weeding and cutting back tall blackberries and hauling away of all the bramble. This week we will go back and see what else we can do. Perhaps some inside painting.  There will be new flooring needed and some packing of their stuff still there. And when not working at their house we will check to see if Dad or Mom Reimer needs something done.

Before Weeding

                                                                                                          After weeding.




Dad’s garden a few weeks ago before weeding and after, now you can see the potatoes and find the spinach as well as lettuce. Raspberries in the background. I love all this produce and so enjoy helping mom and dad as well.



I have loved doing these kinds of things to help my (Kent’s) family. It has been a busy and full summer already.  We can hardly believe that it is half over. The garden has grown a lot since this as well. Dad got a new hoe that is pretty good to use. He enjoys that.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Flower Lady

April 15, 2014

For the last 7 winters we have been privileged to stay in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

I(Jan) have been volunteering my gifts as a gardener for a small Christian college here in exchange for our Rv hook up being paid. I sometimes get called the Flower Lady as I work in the flowers most of the time.

I so enjoy what I do here but once the weather starts to get close to 100 degrees, which is usually does toward the end of April, we take off for parts north. Today was my last day for this winter. It was a little sad to say goodbye to my friends here but I look forward to being in the Northwest for the summer.

When I first got to the college in November

After I planted the flowers




The way the flowers look now.



Sometimes I have to dig holes for the bushes that I plant. Here is one of those times.


All done and now growing



My job at the college is to plant and care for flowers and bushes. I do lots of planting. I am trying to get plants to grow that will be less work in the long run. So here is how I do some of the planting.


I also get involved with other jobs when the plants aren’t growing too much. So I do some painting..yes that is me in the funny white suit… I do help organize and clean up the shop area from time to time as well as any other kind of jobs when I don’t have flowers to tend.

Kent has two different areas that he does coaching for. The South West Region and in the summer months the northwest region. So this summer he is going to help out his boss in the Northwest by giving him some time off. Kent will do some training of the staff while there and giving oversight to the office.

We are excited for a busy and fun summer.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2013 Year in review

January 23, 2014

We so enjoy what we are doing in ministry and life. Here are some of the highlights of this past year for you to praise God with us for His many blessings.

January 2013

We flew to Denver to be at the new installation of our mission’s new President. We love Jeff and are so glad that he was chosen and he is doing a good job for the mission.


One of the other blessing of going to Denver is that we get to see our daughter Kara and her husband Nick. We went to the Celestial Seasoning Tea company and had a tour. I love teas and we got to try as many as we wanted of their teas.



Life and work in Phoenix. Kent coached a ton of people this spring. Most of his coachees are going full time. So there is a lot of excitement and hard work in these new missionary candidates. I continue to volunteer at Arizona Christian University in gardening. Here is what my flowers looked like.


We also had some long time friends visit in February with their 4 dogs.



Kent and I represented WorldVenture at Biola University in Los Angeles area. What a good week of mission connections. We met a ton of students interested in serving the Lord in missions.


We also got to re-connect with a first cousin of Kent’s and two couples that are friends and have been ministry partners for 30 years . We are so grateful for friends like this.



Besides the ongoing ministry and volunteer responsibilities in April,  we flew once again to Portland, Oregon for a Mission Pastors and wives retreat.


While we were there we also got to see Kent’s only sister Leann and husband Ken.  Fun times.



We had the great privilege to go to Great Britain and see so much of it. This was an especially “looked forward to” trip. Kent and I have thought of going there for over 10 years.  When my (Jan’s) mother’s estate was settled and using free flights because of flight miles, well it made it possible. What a very special time it was! We were there for our 38th Wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday. I felt her presence as we so enjoyed it all. As a last gift to me(and Kent) from her. Very, very treasured times!

We so many things. Three highlights from that trip are:  We met some very special people. Here is one of the couples: Ivette and Jeff  that celebrated their 30th anniversary on our bus tour together.


We got to go to “Evening prayers” at Westminster Abbey in London. Awesome building and service too. No pictures inside during the service but here is one from outside.


We also saw loads of flowers. Lots of gardens that were free and flowers everywhere. This was taken at the garden outside of Kensington Palace. Beautiful!



We traveled in our RV house to the east coast to visit and thank all the wonderful, faithful ministry partners that we have had for 35 years. We started out in Arizona and had stops in Colorado, Nebraska,  Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We saw Kara our daughter as we passed through Denver  and also we had a week with our son Josh , Teresa and 7 year old Silas.



We got to see tons of supporters and dear long time friends that we love.



Kent preaching in a supporting church.


We parked our RV house in PA for July and August and took our little car for trips to in Northern PA, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Kent was speaking every Sunday and one Sunday four times on a Sunday morning.


We were able to get to see all the people who sponsor us financially and many others as well. Kent was still coaching new missionaries as well.  He had meetings with several that are potential candidates for the mission as well.

Here is a long time friend who was a missionary from age 65 -90. She is living in PA now and closer to family. We went out to lunch and had some fun time laughing.

2013-08-07 13.01.59

In July we also got to re-connect with some long time friends of my (Jan’s) family. My family has known this family since before I was born. Many of them got together when we were able to visit with them in New Jersey. One family hosted us in their “shore” house which thankfully was still standing after Storm Sandy. It was a privilege to see this family again. Here I am in the middle of the gathering.



After visiting many supporters  the end of August found us moving our RV house to Kentucky. We got to park at Kent’s brother’s business in rural Kentucky. We so enjoyed seeing their family over Labor Day weekend and seeing Kent’s brother more as we came and went. Here is Ron and his family.



We again left our RV parked and went in our car to see supporters in Southern Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, and North Carolina on a really good trip.




 We also got to see some newer friends that we met who also used to live in a RV and now live in a new house in North Carolina.


New Experience  in September

I(Jan) then set off for a first time experience. I flew to New Hampshire to share at a Ladies retreat. I have flown with Kent before but never have I done that all on my own.  I know that God used what I shared in the lives of those ladies as many came and talked with me afterwards.  God used this sharing in my life more than I can say for me as well. I came home tired but renewed too!

From this picture you can see that Camp Monadnock is not the only camp on this road.

The scenery and history of this area also was a treat to experience.



Another trip in September

The next week both of us flew to Denver for meetings with our SouthWest Team. That was a fun and productive time as well. Flying back to our RV house we then packed up and moved the RV through St Louis and on to Kansas City, Missouri. That was the last week of September.


We parked our RV house again on a friend’s side yard. We had lived in KC for 9 years so had lots of friends to catch up with. We had some very special visits with these long time friends from the first night parked here.



Another Flying trip in October

We also flew to Portland, Oregon for two different conferences.  Kent was interviewed at teh one conference. Also we got to see Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken while at these conferences. We even had one day to go and enjoy the sunshine and see Mt Hood in the background.



In addition we went to visit Kent’s parents in Washington as well. We got to help with gardening and lawn mowing and whatever they needed.  We got to see Kent’s niece and her new house.


We had our second conference to be a part of. This is one that we have been a part of  for the past few years called Seattle Mission Fest. Many of the churches of Seattle come together to hold an all city mission conference. It was a good conference. Then flying bak to our RV house in Kansas City, MO. We were able to connect with some more old time friends.



Fall colors starting to show.

We had said goodbye but that night it rained a long hard rain..and we were parked on grass and felt we should stay put for at least a day with out rain for things to dry out a bit. And that day was my birthday…so we went around KC doing all kinds of things for free! I was grateful we didn’t have to move on my birthday, this was way more fun!



We went to visit a first cousin of Kent’s in Arkansas. That was a fun visit. We have not seen her for over 30 years. The fall color was beautiful as we drove through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Panhandle of Texas and New Mexico and finally arriving in Phoenix on November 12th.



As we then wound our way towards Phoenix, AZ. We arrived on November 12th. But several days before we got a call from Kent’s sister that Mom and Dad Reimer had been in a car accident. They were in the hospital and Mom in ICU. After three weeks they were both home. We were so grateful. Our daughter Kara went to help them and sister LeAnn and was there for three weeks. Here is a picture of them after while recuperating at home.



Kent and I were back in the same place to park our Rv in Phoenix.Kent started back full time coaching and I started doing the volunteer gardening at Arizona Christian University.  We were very glad to be settled for awhile.

For Christmas all our family went to Denver where Kara and Nick hosted us. We all had a GREAT family time together. We spoiled 8 year old Silas and just enjoyed hanging out together.




We are so grateful for the wonderful blessed year that we have had. We pray that you have a wonderful 2014.

Love Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers

Flying Trip to the Northwest

October 22, 2013

We arrived in Kansas City, Missouri in our RV house and immediately packed for a 2 week trip to the Northwest.

We flew to Portland, Oregon 2 days later. We went early to spend time with Kent’s sister and husband. We always enjoy spending time with them. We love their church and also got a nice walk in as the weather was really beautiful!


We had come to Portland for a conference with our WorldVenture Northwest team. We had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be together. We shared joys and struggles from this past year of ministry. We set goals together for the new year and heard some great stories from one of our missionaries.

On Thursday we drove to be with Kent’s parents in a town north of Seattle. We had several days to help them in between mission engagements. We got to go to their church with them on Sunday. There were some really brilliant red bushes there.


We also had a great day for a good view of Mt Baker which mom and dad can see from their property.


Kent was giving his mom lessons on her new ipad. The family just bought them an ipad for Christmas, birthday etc since the webtv they were using was not going to work anymore.  I  worked outside on projects helping dad Reimer. First I was to mow but…before we started mowing dad showed me this big mushroom in the grass. I had no idea if you could eat it or not… Kent’s sister LeAnn knows about mushrooms, not me…So we didn’t eat it.


As the grass was fairly long, we mowed high and then came back and mowed it again. Also Dad and I did some weeding/trimming and other projects around the yard. Here is just one load we took out to the burn pile.

photo (1)

They are  very proud of their Jonagold apples that they grafted onto another type apple tree. Looking really good and delicious here! Mom was practising with the ipad camera and took this picture. Way to go, Mom!


We got to go with mom and dad to an assisted living place where they go with their church weekly to do ministry. They go to minister to others not as agile and good in health as they are. Kent and I got to talk to a number of the residents too. We also went to a banquet for another missions ministry one evening as well.

In between we got to see some good friends. Ed and Goldie are friends of Kent’s and his family since before I knew him.


They have visited us many times. We traveled together a few times and just really enjoy being with them. In  recent years Goldie has been diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimers).


We had a good visit with them. These guys still pray for us each and every day! We praise God for them too! Ed surely needs our prayer now too! We are praying.

We did get to see another friend  who is also our supporter in the area too.  Gwen’s husband was away on a foreign trip but she brought along some people that we had met in Juneau, Alaska over 30 years ago when we first were missionaries.. It was nice to meet them again. We all enjoyed a Chinese meal together.  We had such a good time I forgot to get a picture!

On Monday we got to see our niece. This neice is Kent’s sister’s daughter who had bone cancer at age 15. She is doing really well now.  We went out for lunch for Vietnamese Pho.  It was good and a new experience for Mom and Dad Reimer. But we all liked it!


We also got to see her new house which she is just now buying. It was great to see her again too. Here she is In front of her NEW house. Way to go Amanda!


Back to Seattle, we stayed with a first cousin of Kent’s. We had a good couple of days with them. We don’t see them often but we so enjoy their company!


Wherever we went we tried enjoyed the scenery. Here the colors of the trees ranged from green, yellow, orange to bright red. So pretty!


Mission Fest Seattle is a missions conference held for the entire city. So many people come to these types of events that sometimes people have to be turned away because there isn’t enough room for all of them. WorldVenture had a booth.  Kent and our co-worker did seminars as well.

We also had a high school student come and help us out for a few hours. Apparently he had picked WorldVenture to research and then come and see us first hand. He helped Kent set up the booth and then hung around to see how the booth work was done.  Jackson was a delightful young man.


The wives stayed by the booth until the guys were done. These were long days(about 12 hours each) but very profitable. Our co-workers are camera shy, because they work in a difficult part of the world.

Kent was interviewed by the Mission Fest team. Here he is explaining something to them.


We had a good time connecting with other agencies workers too. Josh McDowell was the keynote speaker so that was good to hear him again.

After this weekend, we returned to Portland and Kent’s sister and husband. We got to go for a nice walk along the Columbia River and were able to see Mt Hood very clearly that day. We are a little grainy but you can sure see Mt Hood!


Here is Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken. They are still in love and it shows! We love hanging out with them.


We flew back to KC on Monday. It was a great two weeks and we connected with so many people and we are glad to be back in our own home too!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers