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Celebrating my birthday

November 5, 2013

Yes, because of two days of rain we decided to delay our leaving of Kansas City, Missouri and would do some things to celebrate my birthday in KC.

As I realized that we were staying put, I said I wanted to go to Denny’s for my Free Grand Slam Breakfast. While we were ordering one of my good friends from PA called to wish me a Happy Birthday. That was the start!

Because Denny’s had free wifi we sat and Kent got some work done while I searched for fun and free things to do. About 11 am we took off.It was still raining and so I suggested the free Art Museum. It is called the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I used to go there occasionally on their free Friday sponsored by Ford Motor Company. A number of years ago they went to an all free museum. Many more people come and enjoy all the beauty that is there now. check them out here.

That was our second FREE item. We spent about 3 hours there. Here I am standing beside a beautiful bouquet in the front hallway. I do love flowers!!!


I did get several calls while here to wish me a Happy Birthday as well and that was also nice. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful paintings and other objects of art there.

Next we drove to the famous “Country Club Plaza”. Most people call it the Plaza.Here is the website.  Check it out.  It is an outdoor mall. Meaning that you have to go out of one store to go into another. It is beautiful all times of the year. It was still raining and so we drove around to see the shops from the car. I was not inclined to walk around in the rain, nor was Kent to get out and stroll. So we drove around instead.

Here are a few pictures of one of the main streets there. The rain kind of made it a bit hard to appreciate the beauty.

photo 1

Kansas City is known for lots of fountains. This one is near the Plaza and is often photographed.but usually on clear days. hah!

photo 2

Then we went on the Crown Center which is another upscale small mall connected to the Hallmark Card company’s headquarters. Here is their website too.   They also have a huge Crayola store and cafe there.

photo 4

Also well as a Legoland and store. And here is their website…it looked awesome but we needed to have our grandson Silas  with thus to enter the Legoland..

Here I am with two huge Lego figures. almost as big as me…wow! that is a lot of Legos and putting them together must have taken days of work!!!

photo 3

We strolled around and I took several more calls for my Birthday. Our son and our daughter always call on our birthdays and we both try to catch up on what is happening in their lives too.

Finally we decided it was time to get something else to eat. We went to Olive Garden thinking that they sold my favorite dessert, Creme Brulee’.  I love this dessert. If you have never had is the easy recipe. I love the way this woamn enjoys making it too. I guess that will be me since they didn’t have it..sad :<).

We still stayed and after dinner we split a chocolate cheesecake and I got some gourmet coffee. So here I am enjoying that.

photo 5

We did stop at a few stores too as I had some things to return. But all in all the day was a nice fun day. About 2 it stopped raining and so we were able to wait out the storm too.

It was a fun and mostly FREE Birthday! Thanks Kent for a wonderful day and to all my friends who wished me a Happy Birthday in person and on facebook too.

Next year will be a big one…guess we will have to look for something extra special for that one. Hah!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Catching up with friends in Kansas City, Missouri

November 4, 2013

We had our RV house parked in Kansas City, Missouri for 4 weeks! I can hardly believe it has been that long. We parked at the house of Larry and Teresa from the church that we attended when we lived here in Missouri. This picture was taken near sunset and so you can see the sun shining on our RV house too.


 They have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable here. They held a welcome party for us when we first arrived. Many of our friends were there. It was fun to start catching up with these dear people.


 We have a good friend of our son’s, Patrick that we had not seen for 4 years. They have another child, a son since we last saw them. Their other kids were so grown up and then their little one was fun to meet. It was so good to see them all again.

Here he is with his sweet daughter.


Amber was like an older daughter to us too. She married Heath and they have these two amazing kids. The young lady on the left is a Little Sister for them and was able to come along for the party. She was so sweet too!


Our hosts had a garden which was our picture window view. They were glad to share end of season fresh tomatoes, peppers of all colors and kale. I cooked one day to have some tomato sauce. Yum!  We are still eating that sauce. Pretty picture too.



You can see their earth contact home in the left hand side of the picture and his shop is the pretty red building.. But this was our view while we parked here. So nice!


Here is a picture of Teresa and their son with his daughter. This is from another visit…but I didn’t get any pictures of Larry and Teresa so had to use this one. I like it too.


We then flew to the Northwest for the two week trip there.

We got together with several friends. Here Trish and Paul and us had Steak…check out the horns on the back wall. I used to bowl with these guys and we always had  lots of fun together. This  picture was taken with the iphone and is a bit grainy. We still have a lot to learn about using our phone as a camera.


We have been meeting up with friends daily if not several times a day to catch up with all the people that we could. Kent spoke in our former church on Sunday. We got to go to a concert where a Phil was the conductor.  That was so special too as he will soon be retiring. We often went to his concerts over the years. Phil also came and helped Kent buff the headlamp covers on our truck. Phil loves doing stuff like this and actually did this for our truck one before when we first got it. THANKS PHIL!


I also got to have lunch with this dear friend..Debbie is my prayer partner for my  large family and I pray for hers too. Thanks Debbie for a nice long visit and prayer time together!


We got to go to lunch with Dallas and Kaye. Here is a picture of us with them and Phil and Carol. Good friends.


We had two couples over to our house for dinner which was really nice too.  And we had several good visits with our dear friend Aktar. She made us a very delicious dinner right before we left too. And sent the leftovers with us for “down the road” good eating!


We had decided to leave on a certain day. It actually was my birthday. I was ready to move but didn’t want to spend my birthday that way…So God intervened. It rained for two days and nights. It was very soggy on the grass where we were parked. We were concerned that we might get stuck and would for sure tear up our friend’s lawn. SOOO we stayed put and I got to do all kinds of fun things for my birthday!!

So watch for the next blog about my birthday…

Love, Jan

For the Roaming Reimers