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Central Pennsylvania

August 30, 2013

If you have never visited Pennsylvania, you should! Let me tell you a little about Central PA.


As we drove out of Pennsylvania today, I was sad. I love this state and especially Central PA and all the farming communities. We could get fresh eggs as well as vegetables and fruits from a farmer just about 1/2 mile from us.  So fresh!  I could see farms with rows of corn and beans for miles around. The rolling green hills and then the higher mountains make it breath taking when you get on a ridge and can see green fields in all directions.


The corn grew so tall this year. Here it is much taller than our little car or Kent. Hah!


There are also tons of old  houses and even barns that have beautiful rock walls on them. Here is one that Kent and I would walk by on our evening walks. Beautifully restored and being enjoyed by a nice family.


As I drove around on my last day in my home area… I was reminiscing. I saw a little church where they have a small graveyard across the street. I remember going there are a teen for a Sunrise service on Easter morning. I know people whose parents are buried there as well.


I drove to the little country cemetery where my parents and sister are buried. Also my mom’s parents and many other relatives on that side of the family are buried here. It seemed only yesterday or a few months ago that we lay my mom to rest there…but it is 2 years and the grass was all grown back. It felt a bit strange. But I planted some flowers there this summer. I hope they grow well.


While our RV house was parked here in Central PA, we have visited many friends that live away from here. We went to Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington DC area and Northern PA. We have visited so many people here in Central PA as well.  It has been a wonderful, yet busy time.

We have lots of great friends here. Our closest friends we were with last night in one of the friend’s beautiful new house. It was so fun and they blessed us by praying over us as we go. It was very emotional for me. I don’t know when I will see these dear friends again. It made leaving this time much harder.



  • IMG_1034

IMG_1035Joyce’s husband passed away about 5 years ago. We still miss him but we always  have such a  good time together with all of these dear friends.

I leave with a beautiful sunset that we got to see on one of our evening walks. Beautiful!


We are now on our way to the next stop. We will have to keep watching as these Roaming Reimers are doing just that this year.  Thanks for your interest!

May God bless your day!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers